The Coconut Chronicles

2019 0651 hrs. in Pahoa

Left Nanawale Enroute to Hilo where Danielle and I are preparing to do Coconuts at Bayfront Market. Many years I have wanted to do this. But the spot is reserved by Kapila.

Danielle coordinated the whole thing.

Our machete is dull, so we need a file. Also, we have no Spike, so we’re going to have to get some sort of knife also.


“Everything Coconut” is a term that keeps coming up. In terms of Branding,

I hereby proclaim the term copyrighted 2019 by David Swendiman for the purpose of protecting and developing coconuts as a viable resource past, present and future.

“The AMAZING Coconut… Treasure on a Tree!” is another theme and branding that we submit here on WORDPRESS and via YouTube in order to protect ourselves from those who may infringe upon our ideas and to establish an epic industry of ancient wisdom blended with leading-edge technology.

Simple planting of Coconut Trees in any fashion is a way of using ancient wisdom as these imcredi let “Giving Trees” have been supplying humanity for eons with mineral and vitamin rich food and water. Coconut Trees also provide a broad spectrum of materials for shelter, clothing and industrial uses such as cleaners.

The husk is excellent fiber and medium for growing seeds or as a means of soil retention. Meat, Milk, Butter, Cream and Oil also come from this extraordinary tree.

Lately, more in the last two months than in the last ten years, Big Island School, on behalf of da Kingdom and humanity, has planted Coconut Trees all over the Island.


ade from infertile ground and little or no water

Preparing to plant Keiki Coconut Trees at the end of the road.

These will beautiful and begin tonregrow some of the mass debm aststion from the recent volcanic eruption and so-called catastrophe.

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