Curriculum and Syllabus outline

Uncle Sam,

The information contained within this post is a blend of outline elements and details that have been experienced over the years as highly effective for instituting a curriculum and syllabus in a wide variety of applications.

I have included a brief list of areas of expertise that I personally am qualified to teach or provide on a professional level including but not limited to:

– Gardening and Landscaping
– Adventure Guiding
and Movie-making

– Healing Arts
Absent Healing
Assist Counseling

– Martial Arts: knife, stick, staff, sword, open-hand, boxing, kicking, Theater of the Mind

– Multi-media Production: writing /photography / digital video / graphic arts / basci web design and management / local and global marketing

– Outdoor Education: Solos / Guided Trips / Recon

– Business Management Innovation and Marketing: art, crafts, music, information, products, services and natural resources

– Conflict Resolution

I am especially interested in Huna Kupua- and the 8 Hawaiian Principles as well as Ahupua’a ancient land practice. These two specialties I feel are a foundation for education within the Kingdom of Hawaii.

The following outline is a base Curriculum and Syllabus for Big Island School, the New Earth Army and the Kingdom of Hawaii.

The bulk of this material comes from more than 20 years of personal experience and continuous improvement, trial, error and application from some of the most advanced training programs in the world. These include US Marine Corps Boot Camp and Infantry Training School, Outward Bound Wilderness School, the Alaska Airborne Rangers, Search and Rescue International and the New Earth Army. The bulk of this was field-tested in Alaska from 1982 until 2009 and in Hawaii from 1999 to present.

Each of the above training programs had within them the most basic and advanced proven strategies for developing and applying human potential in virtually any and all conditions and climates on Earth. Most of them also had flaws and other aspects that needed improvement or they simply needed to be omitted from the training, such as using fear, manipulation, control, or excessive mental, emotional, and physical stress and duress to execute or deliver the training.

So, this is a comprehensive yet concise outline that may be modified at any time and preferably continuously improved upon based upon practical application and feedback from the field.

Creating and implementing this curriculum involves research, development and application of the best-known ways to survive, live and thrive based upon indigenous wisdom and modern technology. This includes blending Huna Kapua (Kahuna Magick) with video, computer and telecommunications so that everyone has their basic needs met and the opportunity to engage in creative or productive work of their choosing. Below are some of the major Goals and Objectives of the Curriculum and Syllabus.

1.0       Hawaiian Sovereignty, Cultural Heritage and Indigenous way of life

2.0       Home Design / Construction / Maintenance

3.0       Food Production, Harvest & Distribution

4.0       Promoting & Supporting Local Business

5.0       Career Development:  Education / Training / Placement  / Multi-media

6.0       Renewable Technology:  Solar / Wind / Water / Transportation / Communication

7.0       Outdoor Education:  Skills / Travel / Activities / Documentary / Guiding

8.0       Waste Management:  Composting / Recycling / Manufacturing

9.0       Weekly documentary production series  featuring highlights of the above

10.0     Creating a model that may be shared with other sovereign nations and individuals.

Each of the above fits within the framework created by the 21 Principles of Sustainable Living Curriculum outline.

The outline below was/is called the 21 Principles of Sustainable Living. I created this outline initially in 1992 just after creating the non-profit organization Society for International Sustainable Development which I ran for ten years. It evolved to include hands-on training, and field experience available for all ages and skill levels.

21 Principles of Sustainable Living– divided into three main sections: Survival – Holistic Health – Sustainable Development

In relative order of priority (depending upon conditions, terrain, climate and location:

Basic & Advanced Survival

1.0 Survival

1.1 Calm
1.2 Shelter
1.3 Warmth
1.4 Water
1.5 Food
1.6 Activity
1.7 Companionship

2.0 Holistic Health

2.1 Body
2.2 Heart
2.3 Mind
2.4 Soul
2.5 Money
2.6 Relationship
2.7 Oneness

3.0 Sustainable Development

3.1 Wilderness Adventure
3.2 Ecological Stewardship
3.3 Documentary Production
3.4 Higher Education
3.5 Deep Ecology
3.6 Economic Prosperity
3.7 The Great Mystery [see also Huna Kupua “Kahuna Magick”]

Each of the above outline elements then branches out into more detailed and involved field-training, hands-on experience and real-life application. Virtually every aspect of additional training, old or new, may fit within this framework.

Note: Giving attention to any one or more of these 21 Principles immediately begins to improve quality of life and sustained growth and change on multiple levels-  particularly peace of mind, sense of purpose and fulfillment, and ability to serve others- for free or as an source of income. Long-term attention to the above areas leads to an ever-deepening connection to Self, Source, others and The Land.

“Do not seek what teachers teach. Seek what teachers seek.”
-Mequon Apache Principle via Medicine Chief Michael Snowleopard

The strategy is exploring, discovering, and sharing the beauty of nature and applying the wisdom of people for creating and sustaining a simple, holistic way of life anywhere on Earth.

Note: Scholarships, Work-trade, and Financial Assistance are available. No one is turned away due to inability to pay. Simply send us an email describing your situation to and you will get a prompt reply of approval or suggestions of how you may best take advantage of the  training, services and resources we provide.
The core essence of this  is exploring and working the land, having fun, making money, making movies, and making a difference!
“Nature is the best teacher.” -MQP
Note: the best of the above and future improvements are being posted here within this web log and on the website.

Purpose and History

The purpose of this web log and my involvement with the Kingdom of Hawaii includes being a catalyst in the uplifting of humankind and the establishment of an enlightened global society and sustainable ecological system that creates rather than destroys.

Log-on to the Lawful Hawaiian Government’s website for more information about the past, present and future state of the Kingdom of Hawaii according to the Kanaka Maoli, non-Kanaka Maoli residents, and those that support and serve the re-instatement of their sovereign nation.

On a very personal level, this web log is a place and an opportunity to express ideas, thoughts, emotions and experiences that are important or just free-flowing. This is for you and this is for me. It is also for anyone else who makes their way here.

Another purpose of this web log is to facilitate Open Source Intelligence (OSI) with other nations and intelligences sources.

WARNING: This blog is not endorsed or supported by the Kingdom of Hawaii. All ideas, words or hidden meanings are the sole accountability of those who post here. Even those expressions that may be deemed offensive are allowed in order to promote, support and achieve excellence in communication and way of life.


Weeks ago I guided a vision quest to experience the forces of creation and destruction first-hand upon the barren lava fields on the slopes of the world’s largest active volcano.

I had not expected to receive a vision myself as I was focused on making sure everyone else was supported in their vision quest. However, upon return  from an adventure and spiritual experience that several in the group called the best of their lives, a vision came to me. We had had a great trip- full of beauty, danger, wilderness, challenge and fulfillment on many levels.

The vision came on when we were nearly all the way back to the trailhead by Uncle Robert’s in Kalapana. The vision was not in the form of words or pictures but rather a giant inner communication that came right from the Earth, up through my body into my heart and brain then out the top of my head. It was very powerful.

In spite of the profound nature in which it came, I disputed the origin and validity of what the vision was showing me. I chose to ignore it as another “petty tyrant” of my mind.

Over and over the vision re-planted itself in the fore-front of my mind until I felt compelled to sit still and tune-in.

“Ke Akua…” I called to the Creator and the Creator answered me. “Is it true that this vision is coming from you?” I choose to not do this and to not give it attention.

The Creator assured me, that since I asked, this was the best course of action for me- to “Unite the tribes of Hawaii, though the word “tribes” was not the language, but I knew what was meant.

I contemplated what an impossible and audacious task that might be and what the Great Kamhehameha must have faced in the way of fear, doubt and adversity. I chose again not to engage in such a futile effort. I thought it was one thing for King Kamehameha to unite the islands of Hawaii- especially from in-fighting and to better stand against foreign invaders.

But trying to liberate a country that was taken over illegally and held by strangle-hold by one of the most powerful, ruthless nations on Earth, seemed more than impossible. It was just simply crazy. I chose again and again to ignore this calling.

However, upon repeated inquiry, Ke Akua, the Hawaiian name for the Creator or Life Force, showed me that this was indeed the best thing for me to do- my highest calling. So, I agreed, even though I had not idea what to do next.

Days later I found myself in Kalapana, home of Uncle Robert and his Ohana. Insight directed me to go speak to him, but I hesitated. His children and grandchildren were saying goodnight to him and I did not want to interrupt. I was enjoying the incredible feeling of real love and family spirit I was observing. “I love you Uncle Robert.” a cute little girl said to him as she reached up to give him a big hug good night. I was deeply moved.

When most of the good-byes and goodnights were finished I still hesitated. I felt shy and foolish for just going up to him and broaching the subject of the Kingdom of the Kanaka, the name of our movie and the basis of the vision from the quest.

Fortunately due to an intense converstation with Major LooWingBwoa about complacency and inaction, I went beyond my usual fears and trepidation and approached Uncle Robert.

I asked him if he had a brief moment. He asked what for as though it was certain to have to wait. It was obvious his day was done and many people try to get his attention.

“It’s about the Kingdom of Kanaka.” I told him and that got his attention. Obviously still weary of my intentions he heard what I had to say. I told him we’re making a movie about the Kingdom of Kanaka and that I want to interview him.

He agreed and we were scheduled to meet the next morning.

When we met he asked for a list of the questions I was going to ask him and I spent about an hour or more preparing those for him. Most of the questions were already there such as “What does Sovereignty mean to you? How did you get started? Where’s it at now?”, etc.

His heartfelt passion and soul’s expression for the freedom of his people and their land filled me with inspiration. Little did I know that he and his people were already free. Congress and President Clinton signed it into law, Public Law 103-150.

[insert Uncle Robert’s interview]

“Now what?” I asked the Universe. Without hearing an answer I perceived that one challenge that remains is to be independent, self-governing, and of service to others in the way that any nation must be for its people.

Last week while meditating on something specific I may do, an insight came to publish all of the pertinent data on the Kingdom’s website: into a physical form that may be shared far and wide. While doing that I became more and more aware of the past, present and future of the sovereignty of this island nation according to what they posted on the web. I was fascinated! And inspired.

Under the “CONTACT US” button I found several phone numbers which I began to call. Most I just received a recording and left a message. A few of them I reached noblemen and representatives. I informed each of what I was doing and why. Most seemed interested though busy.

Then I came across the name Sam Kehaleiki and it struck a bell. I thought this may be the same person as “Uncle Sam” that I first saw speak about Public Law 103-150. Major LooWingBwoa filmed and uploaded a YouTube video of Uncle Sam giving a serious speech at the Aloha Uprsing benefit. I sat rivoted for about forty minutes until I heard him speak of the public law that gave Hawaii back to its people. “I want to find out about this so-called law.” I told the Major. And I did. Details of it are posted all over the public display of information at Uncle Robert’s place in Kalapana.

I called nobleman Sam Kehaleiki and asked if he was Uncle Sam from the video. He said, “Yes.” I asked him a few more questions, but he requested that we meet in person rather than speak over the phone. He offered to come to us. I offered to come to him.

“When is best?” I asked him.

“How ’bout an hour?” he asked.

“Sure!” I replied feeling that excited respect of those who are willing to get the job done now. “Or, how about 2 hours?” I asked him. I realized it was going to take me an hour just to get there and I still needed to contact the Major.

The Major and I drove to Uncle Sam’s and talked-story with him for hours. At the end I asked him if I may ask a couple questions on camera. He agreed.

[insert Uncle Sam video]

Today, December 7th, 2010, part of my tasks include creating a curriculum and syllabus for the Kingdom and Big Island School. This curriculum is also used by the New Earth Army for training Super-soldiers, Warrior-heralds, and Warrior Monks.

One aspect of the curriculum includes the information and duties concerning formalities of government- reading and understanding the Media Kit that Uncle Sam gave me to copy and share along with the document I published from copying and pasting all the web material into one document. The Media Kit for the Kingdom of Hawaii is a comprehensive yet concise document concerning the history, present and future of the Lawful Hawaiian Government.

Next comes a comprehensive DVD that will be produced in order to inspire enthusiasm and better cooperation amongst Kingdom noblemen, representatives and any and all others directly involved. Then comes creating a presentation that may be given to supporters and sponsors followed by sending it out to the local and global community.

Ongoing is a process of blending indigenous wisdom and cutting-edge technology to live, work and play in a sustainable, holistic way. My ideal is creating, sustaining and continuously improving a generative way of life- one whose whole is mysteriously greater than the sum of its parts.

You are invited and welcomed to contribute to this web log particularly on issues of self-sufficiency, sovereignty and specifically the Kingdom of Hawaii.

Log-on to the following sites to stay updated as to what is happening. The site is one that we created two days ago to host all of the best photos, video, stories, and links regarding the Kingdom of Hawaii.

The LawfulHawaiianGovernment site is where you can access all the pertinent government documents including the Constitution.