O.S.I. Hawaii National “Open Source Intelligence” progress report

This page is dedicated to local and global sharing of important intelligence information, contacts, resources and methods for maintaining peace and sharing human and natural resources in a holistic, sustainable way that is pono with the aina.

This website honors and follows the Constitution of the Kingdom of Hawai’i, Huna Kupua,and the Law of the Spirit of Aloha.

This site and page is in support and encouragement of the survival of the United States Constitution providing its Congress upholds its Public Laws, particularly 103-150.

This is for and in honor of the Polynesian Kingdom of Ato’oi, the Lawful Hawaiian Government, and the folks at the Attorney General’s Office. This is by, for and with all advocates of sovereignty and self-governing by Kanaka Maoli of the Hawaiian Islands.

“All humans are of one blood.” -King David Kalakaua

This site and this page invite and welcome all who love Hawaii and live by the Spirit of Aloha to assist with the formal and practical re-instatement of the Kingdom of Hawaii. This includes any and all advocates of sovereignty among the islands.

Hawai’i stands as an example for the rest of the world in self-sufficiency and self-governing. This is the land of the Spirit of Aloha. A great injustice began here of American Colonialism that recently ended with the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan.

The American people are slowly waking up to the realization that their country was taken over as well by the same insidious, little bastards whose mothers did not love them.

All must be forgiven lest we become what we condemn.

We all have the ability and therefore responsibility to care for this world and her inhabitants, the animals, plants, trees, people and eco-systems. We must let go of what is not working and focus instead on what we know does work.

Hawaii is a place further removed than any other on earth. It makes sense and it is a good idea for it to began or to surge forward from here, the new center of the world.

This site and page are for the uniting and solidarity of Kanaka Maoli, Mana Huna People, and those who call Hawai’i home… Nationals, Denizens, and visitors.

Hawaiian Nation O.S.I. (Open Source Intelligence) is a system and practice of openly sharing intelligence between nations and individuals for the sake of mutually beneficial coexistence and independent self-governing, locally and worldwide.

This O.S.I. Progress Report for the Prime Minister, other LHG members, and the public-at-large…

Dear Prime Minister,

This document is intended to serve as a summary outline regarding all the ways that I feel I can personally serve the Kingdom of Hawaii. There are also a growing number of haoles and Kanaka Maoli alike that are coming forward wanting to be part of the Kingdom. These progress reports will present to you the best they have to offer as well.

The following elements are of the greatest priority. Most of these are direct inspirations from Ke Akua with specific instruction to share these with you. The goal is to educate all concerned regarding the most integral elements of self-governing a nation. Many of the of these elements were researched, developed, and applied over the last 19+ years as part of my no-profit work with the S.I.S.D. (Society for International Sustainable Development). This was a non-profit organization I founded to educate the American public about survival, holistic health, and sustainable living. I also learned and experienced vital aspects of self-governing from my work with Search and Rescue International.

Among the very best ways that I may serve this nation of Hawaii is as an experienced conduit for Ke Akua. It is Ke Akua that has sent me to you and is compelling me to write this letter.

Now that the formal structure and legal requirements of the Lawful Hawaiian Government are in place, it is logical now to begin filling out all the other necessary aspects of running a country. Some of these may already be in place. Others are important to initiate now.

There are four main elements of sustainable, holistic living including basic and advanced survival, individually and as a nation. These are:

Education • Ecology • Economy • and Defense

Agriculture, Fire and Rescue, Forestry, Law Enforcement, and other aspects of modern society are part of the above outline, along with hundreds of other outline details. These outline elements and details eventually require department heads.

For now it is important simply to create and fill out the outline with descriptions of each element in order to more fully understand and implement these necessary aspects of government. I am requesting your assistance in making executive decisions regarding which of these government functions are priority.

The following details represent specific projects and programs that require immediate and long-term attention. Some of these, when successfully implemented shall be significant catalysts for Hawaii’s recognition as a nation world-wide.

One-person-one vote system of self-governing. Billions of dollars have been spent to create a global infrastructure of communication and commerce that may now be used to host and successfully wage nation-wide free elections. This means that with user-name and password, all eligible voters may cast their ballet on all issues and decisions authorized by L.H.G. This gives every citizen the opportunity to participate in the running of their government. They suddenly realize more than ever that their vote, and voice, matters.

This innovation as well as the others that follow may begin to take place now to awaken the populous of the presence of the Kingdom of Hawaii and the Lawful Hawaiian Government. They are also ways to unite and inspire those who are already active or on the verge of really making a conscious and significant contribution to this emerging nation.

“There are two things necessary for success in life,” Apache Medicine Chief Snow Leopard told me in 1993, “Spirit and Cash.”

That means to me that in addition to inspiring the masses to be aware of this government, the upcoming election and the necessary functions of self-governing are dependent upon the Spirit of Aloha and the funds necessary to finance this country.

The four areas that need to be funded in order to best manage the rest of government are Administration, Operations, and Marketing (in house and public outreach), and the Great Mystery. The Great Mystery is that aspect of our life, both individually and as a nation, that is dedicated to an ever-deepening connection and practical application of the relationship with Ke Akua and the forces of Nature. Huna Kapua, the ancient Hawaiian spirituality is the most simple, practical, and profound spiritual development process that i have experienced.

Here are specific programs and projects with some specific details;

Hydromex Waste Management System- a proven invention that processes all waste (human waste, toxic waste, and all metal, glass, tin, paper, etc) and makes more than 800 useful products from the waste material. This machine can handle up to 200 tons of garbage per day. Implementing this system is more than just a pono way to deal with our waste; it is a another giant “feather in the cap” to be recognized as an emerging global entity and independent nation. Many folks from all walks of life. that I have come across on various islands have expressed the following revelation, Hawaii is poised to be a world=wide inspiration catalyst and living example of Aloha, self-sufficiency, and necessary innovation to survive and thrive in the 21st century.”

Ahupuah’a Agriculture, ancient system of land management, and way of life

Pu’uhonuas in every district and every island

Na Koa militia training program for civil and national defense as well as humanitarian aid and disaster relief.

Multi-Media Production Training and Broadcast- providing instruction and hands-on experience for all interested members of LHG in the areas of writing, photography, video, graphic arts, webpage creation and management, music recording, and marketing of everyone’s art, craft, business idea, or cause along with any other contribution to the Kingdom.

Solar Aquatics Human Sewage Purification System- A greenhouse that transforms human sewage into purified water.

Hawaii Permanent Fund- a Community-Based Currency- modeled after the highly successful Alaska Permanent Fund, the biggest billion dollar money market fund in the world. Rather than being based upon finite natural resource exploitation, the Hawaii Permanent Fund, hereafter referred to as H.P.F., is based upon human ingenuity, productivity, creativity, and practical means of exchange of necessary information, products, natural resources and human services.

Nation-wide Offices of Communications, strategic offensive to educate the public, especially Kanaka Maoli of the opportunity to be part of the successful activation of the former and present lawful Hawaiian government.

I feel it is a basic responsibility of the Kingdom of Hawaii and LHG to prioritize the return of the Kanaka Maoli that are part of the of the 2000+ Hawaiians who were sent to mainland U.S. prisons. Bringing them home is a promise by Neil Abercrombie that LHG may use as a catalyst to reach many more people that are not necessarily in support of any Hawaiian sovereignty movement, or the Kingdom of Hawaii. It has been shown to me by Ke Akua that there are those among these 2000 Kanaka Maoli that are ideally suited to serve as the Na Koa, particularly the Palace Guard, an elite group loyal only to you and the Hawaiian Nation Constitution.

All of the above and more may be presented, funded broadcast, and implemented using the 21st century dynamic medium of video. This includes multi-chapter educational DVDs, television and cable broadcast, and uploads to the global internet such as Youtube and Facebook along with other web-based venues such as Twitter, WordPress.com, Lulu.com, and Kickstarter.com.

One goal of the KingdomHawaii.org website is to serve as a single place, even a single page, where all the above may be accessed. The goal is to provide a medium and the means to bridge the gap between government and the people.

Ke Akua says that it is priority to give the populous the opportunity to begin making “unofficial” nominations for all the seats of government that are going to be available to fill. Most of this can be coordinated and implemented electronically as preparation for the formal election. Initiating this process now rather than later gives us ample time to institute a revolutionary new system of voting and elections. (One-person, one-vote electronic ballot based on user-name and password).

There is much more to share with you. And I am dedicated to making these progress reports as short, simple, and to the point as possible. It is also top-priority to organize and prioritize these insights and directives as simple and successfully as possible. However it is prudent to get this out to you a.s.a.p.

Prime Minister, mahalos for the trust, clear communication, and opportunity of a lifetime to serve Akua, the Hawaiian Nation, and the people and ecosystems of our world. I share Uncle Sam’s passionate mission to “protect and preserve Paradise”.

Aloha Nui.


P.S. Below are the various communication and social networking platforms that we are using to get the word out and to share inspiring presentations produced by supporters of the Lawful Hawaiian Government for the people and Aina of Hawaii.


Below is one way that the above web-based networks are utilized on behalf of LHG and its constituency.

Step One: You or I, through divine inspiration or as part of periodic routine, draft a document and/pr create a presentation
Step Two: This is cut and pasted to WordPress.com (Blog, or “web-log”).
Step Three: The WordPress link is cut and pasted to Facebook
Step Four: Notification is sent to you, the Prime Minister, via email, that this document or presentation is available for your review
Step Five: Youtube videos are created of the highlights of the posted communication(s).
Step Six: Create and post Information, products, training, field experience and services that are then made available to the people via these various websites, especially Lulu.com which offers a free way to sell music, photos, video and other digital files, manuals, CDs, DVDs, etc.
Step Seven: Update KingdomHawaii.org website and post to Facebook and Twitter with private emails sent to key people.
Step Eight: Repeat process while expanding network to include at least one participant in every district on every island.
Step Nine: Review and Evaluate Entire Process.
Step Ten: Make improvements for doing it all over again.
Step Eleven: Crosslink with supporting websites, networks, and people, locally and internationally
Step Twelve: Organize and create presentation then launch another KickStarter.com campaign to fund specific projects while giving many others in our growing network the opportunity to participate.

Special Note: Only two of the above have the new password. I am in the process of changing the rest. Only you and I will have to username and password.


2 thoughts on “O.S.I.”

  1. Aloha kakou, Anything that can be done to inform and educate Kanaka and Americans to the oppressive status Hawaiians live under is maika’i ke hana. So please continue to make these kind of efforts to bring about a just outcome for the Hawaiian Kingdom.

    Kai Landow
    Aupuni Hawaii

  2. My networked Kanaka friends speak of recent gatherings where the soul of the Hawaiian culture is being practiced in potent cultural forms to bring the people home in settings that include their sentient intelligence and flow-based civilization. Those of us from poly-european stock are also people of the voyaging society mindset … we were called to our home Hawaii from older incarnations in Lemuria …we can smell the Pacific Islands in our bones …we are now happy to be home …and return to the voyaging society cultural dreams. we shall dig deep into the mystery that can raise an island from the Sea with our prayers. We are Oceania the largest territory on planet earth.

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