MISSION: Paradise

This is a Template being chosen to create a Movie Poster for MISSION: Paradise by and for The Natural Guard.

The purpose of the Movie is to Fund and Fuel the Purpose of the Organization:

Uniting the world’s militaries toward service to the Planet.”

The Service includes:

Humanitarian Aide- Disaster Preparation Response & Relief

Education and Training
Ecological Stewardship Projects
Multimedia Production

The Priorities are Agriculture – Media – and Manufacturing- Forestry – Farming – Gardening – Landscaping and Tending to Animals, Plants, Trees and People.

Another favorite is making Black Gold in the form of Soil development.

Everything Coconut is another specialization and so are a brand spectrum of practical and esoteric experiences, training and opportunity to be of service.

The three primary forms of service that I personally enjoy most are Epic Alaska Wilderness Adventure wherein we produce a documentary of the Adventure and share the highlights locally and globally.

In Hawaii the goal is simple, sustainable living in a Holistic and Generative Way.

Generative goes beyond mere Sustainability to that of Thriving and Living life to the fullest.

As such, I am embarking upon an epic Adventure to Alaska this summer to explore Land there that is ideal for a remote Wilderness School and Training- Camp

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