The objective of is providing the best news, products and services for the world from and for the Kingdom of the Hawaiian Islands.

The strategy for achieving this objective daily is by blending ancient indigenous wisdom with leading-edge technology.

An example of this is Huna Kupua or “hidden wisdom” of ancient Hawaii blended with cameras, computers and the worldwide web.

Movie-making has emerged as the MOST effective form of affecting change, funding important projects and living life to the fullest.

The purpose of the movie “…is serving as a catalyst in the uplifting of human kind…”. This is accomplished by “…establishing an enlightened global society and Sustainable ecological system that creates rather than destroys.” -SISD* since 1993

*S.I.S.D. …


The next stage of development for KingdomPRESS is publishing an Ecovillage Manual for personal and tribal way of life-changing SurvivalHolistic Health – and Renewable Natural Resources.

The purpose of this Manual is for Basic Survival and Sustainable Living. “Designing – Building – and Maintaining an Ecovillage is a major but necessary priority.

The alternatives are being independent wealthy, living or working in the City or suburbs, or being an Outlaw. Most people I see and know are stuck somewhere in between these other levels.

There are few if any living their dream or genuinely connected.

The Connection is key to both Survival and Sustainability. The Connection is between Self and Source, between you and Nature or between me and the Earth.

THAT is the foundation and the fuel, the purpose and direction. From a solid foundation of prioritizing the Earth, Nature and/ or Great Spirit- Life itself, holistic development, sustainable growth and dynamic, exciting changes happen naturally.

Without a connection to Self, Soul, Nature, Earth or Creator, people are lost. They are a liability. They are a danger to each other and to Life itself.

There is an intelligence and a mystery- a beauty and an opportunity EVERY moment of every day to Connect. All that is required is the choice and then quality attention.

Secretary Formula: “Intention + Attention = Completion


February 24th, 2019

The following are priority publications by

Hawaii Bound Field Manual, an Instructors guide and Student Handbook that is invaluable to a broad spectrum of people, from native born citizens who want to deepen their connection to da Aina along with any and all visitors who care about or are interested in the Land, Flora, Fauna and ways to navigate effectively on Big Island.

This Field Manual was made for People who explore the wilderness and those who want to. Mostly the old and new Hawaii Bound Field Manual was made for Hawaii Bound Instructors.

Big Island School of Outdoor Education has the last known remaining copy. We are deeply engaged in restoring the original while publishing a new and updated version with most or all of the original version included.

We are adding a new cover in full-color featuring a mosaic of Big Island from satellite.

Here are some considerations:

And here are some cool images we want to include in the Manual- either online and/ or via the Field Manual in Print.


Below is a letter O wrote to Bahia about the Alaska Ranger Trilogy which is being revised and updated

Exploration and Discovery of the wilderness areas of nature, the meaning of life and the Great Mystery.
I was inspired tonight to send this to you. I was about to go to sleep, tired and low on energy. Then the insight came to send this to you- that you are the type of person this was intended for. It shows the process I underwent in the long, arduous trial and error of life without spirit, the discovery that it really does exist and then loosing connection with it.
Below is what I wrote on the description… and below that is a link to the book. I want you to buy it and have it. You can download it for $5 or I can email it to you for free. But on the computer screen is not the best way to view this. Nor is printing it feasible. It’s more than 200 pages. It’s a beautifully bound book full of beautiful adventure stories with huge and subtle spiritual experiences woven-in. That’s AFTER I got the proof I wanted. Before that I believed in nothin’ and saw no evidence of it either.
It will be a great service to us both if you buy this. Or I will buy one and send it to you. Either way, here is the link…

Alaska Ranger Trilogy draft
Love ya Lady.
Sure do appreciate our symbiosis with the Great Mystery.
PS. Here is the description I wrote for the book, but this was too long. Review all of this at your leisure.

This is my life story, from birth until 2005 when I finally fulfilled my life-long dream of living wild and free in the wilderness.
Book I. “Chasing Destiny” is of the formative years from birth to meeting the Apache Medicine Chief Snowleopard.
Book II. is full of unique, exciting adventures into Alaska’s vast wilderness- mountains, ocean, lake, rivers, fields, forest, wildlife and wild people.
Book III. is called “Lost in Paradise” and begins upon the death of Snowleopard in 1999 and my first journey to the sub-tropical paradise of Hawaii.
When I was 17 walking alone on a long dirt road in northern Minnesota, I chose to make a life-changing decision. I wanted to either believe in a Supreme Being or not. I did not want to be one of the many gullible people I saw that believed fully in things that to me were not real. Inside I remember often wondering, “If there is a Creator then why is there so much suffering? I didn’t want to believe in a being who allowed that. I also did not see any evidence in a Creator, so I chose to not believe in one at all. I gave up every belief, faith and religion. And oh did I feel free!
Two years later I joined the Marine Corps and was on a one-way road to hell.
Seven years later I got the proof I wanted and my life changed 180 degrees again.
This time I was fully dedicated to spirit- having been given just a tiny peak into that infinite realm.
Spriritual and not religious is an understatement. It’s more like, “Religion is for people who are afraid to go to hell. Spirituality is for those who have been there.”
The majority of the chapters of all three books are adventure stories from Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, and Honduras.
There are many more chapters not yet included. These are being added one by one as they are finished.
I have also not yet formally edited these books, yet I intend to once I have the rough draft done. For many reasons I chose to publish this now. Enjoy! And prepare yourself for an epic journey into the Great Mystery, deep wilderness areas of Nature, and the unlimited realm of human inner nature.


Below are notes to promote and support Hawaii Bound Field Manual and Operations.
Movie- Project Jedi Kids in the Outdoors in the trees, building a treehouse, gardening
Farm Worker Training, and the art and science of movie-making.

Manual: Hawaii Bound
Way of Life: Ahupua’a

So, for my own thoughts and organization, upload that video and get the ball rolling on the KickStarter and Indi-go-go campaigns.

Just start ’em.

Use this message to build upon and connect each of the networks in these emails.

Share the Hawaii Bound Manual including a message to those who read it to type up the parts that the like and send them to me. I will republish it with their changes.

Letter to Gary.

Meditation with Ke Akua.

Ke Akua,

What say you?

Ke Akua: Bring him the SISD document and a DVD.

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New markets


Angelina Jolie
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Hawaii Permanent Fund based upon renewable natural resources instead of non-renewable resources. Coconuts, farm produce, arts, crafts, music, and value-added processing such as coconut oil, coconut icecream, kawa, and many others.

The most valuable of products and services is the human being. We may be able to earn $10 to $100 per hour in a conventional work setting, yet through non-profit based collaboration for the purpose of benefit to society, we can each enjoy a million-dollar lifestyle that does not tax the system or rerquire exchange of federal reserve notes.

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