Education + Ecology = Economic Prosperity“.

Agriculture – Media – and Manufacturing… These are the three most pertinent aspects of my Education, Training and Field Experience.

Prior to establishing these three dynamic elements as PRIORITY for Sustainable Living, there were these three:

Wilderness AdventureEcological Stewardship Projects – and Multi-Media Production.

They are what led me to Hawaii. The joy and importance of Gardening and Landscaping– working with the Earth is what compelled me to keep coming back to Hawaii from Alaska.

Now I am preparing to work in the Garden of this BnB where I am living as a resident until Ke Akua sends me Intuition sends me elsewhere.

The area that has been used for Compost became choked full of all kinds of debris, from Palm Fronds to branches, sticks, leaves, Cane Grass and a few other natural forms of vegetation that take a lot longer to decompose than Kitchen Scaps.

Kitchen scraps are what I call “Grade A” compost meaning it’s the most high quality and easiest and most swift to breakdown while also providing maximum nutrition for future plants and trees- particularly those that make up our primary diet.

I am getting the insight now to host an Agricultural Education Program wherein participants learn how to first build a simple, sustainable composting system that becomes a wild or “Volunteer” nursery.

A Volunteer Nursery is one where all kinds of things grow on their own. The food that we eat and discard often has seeds, some of which are not seen or given attention.

Little Sprouts of all kinds pop up that are not only the food we often eat, they are also seeds from fruits, vegetables and trees that are either expensive and/ or usually not available.

By CONSCIOUSLY propogating seeds from the foods that we usually buy from the store, a new (new to some of us) method of Farming and Gardening unfolds. We become more self-sufficient, spend less money and time buying or transporting essential and preferred foods while having a LOT of fun. It’s mysterious, intriguing and a bit of a challenge to set the system up and watch it work while learning more and more about the appearance and process the foods we depend upon go through from sprouting to mature plant ready to harvest.

Technology is playing more and more of a key role even as I dive ever deeper into the wisdom and ways of the ancient Hawaii Ahupua’a system of land management and way of life.

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