Big Island School

Hawaii Bound Field Manual

Draft II and III forthcoming!
First Draft Reprint from 1979

This is the First of Three Drafts* to reprint the 1979 field manual by Hawaii Bound, Inc.

This is for Na Kanaka Maoli of Hawaii Nei and for Wilderness Educators and enthusiasts. Visitors may use this Field Manual to “Tread Softly” upon da Aina.

*Drafts TWO and THREE are the revised and final version.

Note: This is in part a benefit for Rainbow University and the Academy for Star Children.


Below is “Copy” for promoting this Field Manual.

The Hawaii Bound Field Manual was first published in 1979 by Hawaii Bound, Inc. a wilderness school that operated on Big Island for more than two decades.

This is the last known copy in print.

Special thanks to Kawika Kawananakoa of the Hawaii Ahupua’a Association.

This is part of an effort to republish the original 150 version along with the latest wilderness wisdom along with most compelling supporting images of maps, animals, plants, trees and places.

Hawaii Bound is very similar to Outward Bound Wilderness School that provides training for staff and students all over the world.

The new version of Hawaii Bound is by and for the Kingdom of the Hawaiian Islands.

Special thanks to the SISDnonprofit* and Danielle Hagen, Treasurer of the Hawai’i Ahupua’a Association.

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