The ARTwork Company was conceptualized in Alaska in the mid-90’s as a way to promote and market people’s art.

A.R.T. stands for Alaska Ranger Training which I chose to focus on as my art- exploring the wilderness and discovering ways to better survive, live and thrive in symbiosis with Nature.
Documentary Production was integral and a source of education and inspiration! There is something about photography and nature along with video and editing together something compelling for others to see.
Most may never see what we have seen or do what we have done. So, the ARTwork Company was conceived as a way to both bring people into Nature and to bring Nature to them.
The latter is achieved through Media of all kinds especially photos, stories and video. Music is a Golden Thread that weaves throughout all of the above and more. Music playing, jam sessions and recording tracks are key to success and sustainability.
I’ve been an adventurer my whole life, but it wasn’t until I began training with the Alaska Airborne Rangers that life began to have purpose and direction- more awareness, understanding and capability. The Rangers also taught me compassion, to care for people and creatures of Nature far more.tjan I knew was possible.
The ARTwork Company logo was the beginning of a new type of business and way of life that I envisioned as the best of both worlds- Nature & Society… Wilderness & Technology.
EarthWaterWind – and Fire are depicted as the basic elements of our life and part of my ideal in terms of daily experience. A blend of Mountains, Ocean, Forest, Field and Stream are part of my ongoing dream.
The Commander of the Alaska Airborne Rangers, from 1978 until his death in 1999 was the legendary “Snowleopard”, aka Michael Richard Bookbinder.
He is the main character of Dan Millman’s books such as “Mama Chia” in the “Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior”.
He was also Socrates in Millman’s book, “Way of the Peaceful Warrior”.
Dan told me himself that Michael was the source of the content for either “No Ordinary Moments” or “The Life You Were Born to Live”.
I was inspired to create as a way to honor and hone my skills
the primary art of Captain Michael Bookbinder, Director of Search & Rescue International.
The wilderness and Nature have come alive in ways that are far beyond what I thought I knew or was taught.
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