This web log (blog) is intended to serve as a catalyst in the self-governing of the People of the Kingdom of Hawai’i, the Kanaka Maoli, Hawaiian Nationals and those born here.

Na Koa Huna Kupua are “the Warriors of the Hidden Wisdom”, the “Gatekeepers” who are sworn to protect and defend the Kingdom of Hawaii Constitution. They have sworn allegiance to Ke Akua, Haumea and the Kingdom of Hawaii in order to promote and support stewardship and co-creation with da Aina, Amakua, Kupuna, Keiki and Ohana.

New Earth Army (N.E.A.) base commander Capt. David Michael Lakota is coordinating education, hands-on training, field experience and real-life application of Huna Kupua and the Kingdom of Hawaii Constitution, including the formal reinstatement of the Kingdom of Hawaii and the self-governing of the nation by Kanaka Maoli at the heads of all seats of government except those that the People vote into those seats through due process.

Any and all questions of a legal nature may be directed to the Kingdom of Hawaii Attorney General’s Office at (808) 937-7179. They are also the best place I know of on any of the islands to acquire your Kingdom citizenship and Motor Vehicle Certificate.

You may also log-on to the following websites to obtain more information.



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