Who or What is the Hawaiian Kingdom? Who are the Leaders and What are the Priorities?

Hawaiian Kingdom Global Broadcast Communication System: an unbiased an impartial bridge between “clans”, “tribes”, and sovereignty advocates including any and all organizations and individuals claiming authority and/or rightful claim to Kingdom Lands, Constitutions and formal Repatriation of the Hawaiian Nation.

This posting and the HawaiianKingdom.Country National Website are under the direction and protection of Ke Akua and the Hawaiian Kingdom Constitution of 1840.

[see also: Kingdom of Hawai`i Constitutions: 1852186418871893

Priorities: Education / Ecology / Economy

~ Education
~ Agriculture
~ Treasury

National Registry: Kau Inoa / LHG (Lawful Hawaiian Government) Prime Minister Henry Noa / PKOH -Polynesian Kingdom of Atu-ahi (Atooi) and King Aleika Aiopalani / Dr. Keanu Sai / King Edward Silva / Attorney General Tom Anthony, Nani and Hawi / Hinano Kaleleiki​, Hawaiian National Gene Tamashiro of Big Island (Aloha Uprising and Kanaka Garden) and others…

Kanaka Council each week. This next week: Tuesday high noon August 18th , 2015 on the corner of Kamehameha and Kalakaua.

Special Thanks to Hawaii-Nation.org



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