Hawaiian Kingdom News and Global Broadcast Communication System: Voice of da People Na Kanaka Maoli

Today marks the kick-off of the newly created Hawaiian Kingdom Home Page honoring and hosting any and all major and minor advocates of Sovereignty…

including LHG, PKOH, Kau Inoa, Monarch candidates: Aleika Aiopalani and his Cousin Joe, Edward Silva, and any and all other Nobles, Representatives, Na Koa, Kanaka Maoli, Hawaiian Nationals, and those who know and love Hawaii Nei, supporters of the Formal Restoration of the Hawaiian Kingdom and its Constitution 1840 (+ the highlights of subsequent proposed changes in 1864 and later) all of which must be decided by the People: Hawaiian Kingdom residents (those born here) and other Hawaiian Nationals, those with even one drop of Coco Blood (Kanaka Maoli) as well as “…all those who sign-up via one or more “formal” advocates of Hawaiian Kingdom Sovereignty” -according to de facto State of Hawaii House Resolution #23 which substantiates and validates US Public Law 103-150.

International Law / US Law / / de facto State of Hawaii Law / and Hawaiian Kingdom Law are all in favor and have made legal decisions resolving, supporting and enforcing Hawaiian Kingdom Sovereignty of its Nationals as defined above and in the Laws.

Now it is up to da People… Na Kanaka!

Ua mau ke ea o ka aina… i ke pono!

“The Freedom [the Life] of the Land is Preserved in Righteousness.”

Coming soon is the Hawaiian Kingdom National Registry to give all Kanaka Maoli and all those born here and other Nationals to be Officially recognized by all the legal entities mentioned above.

More important than all the legalities and official recognition is the Education of Self-Governing and real independence which is inherent in both the US Constitution and the Hawaiian Kingdom Constitution.

There are certain inalienable rights that are part of the Hawaiian Kingdom’s Declarations of Rights, and the US Constitution’s Declaration of Independence… “And we hold these truths to be self-evident”.


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