Outdoor Education Program and Weekly TV series for Big Island education, ecology and prosperity

Posted an inspired Craigslist Ad today for an Intern, someone to help produce this weekly TV show about an incredible outdoor program based upon the old Hawaii Bound program of Hawaii years ago.

We just finished the Manual last night, a rough draft to resurrect the wisdom of the old Manual and use it as a guiding force and tool and funding source to promote and support both the Outdoor Program and the Weekly TV show.

I copied and pasted the text of the posting below so as not to lose it and to be able to use it for communication, coordination and funding.


A weekly series on local and global television to inspire wilderness education and sustainable living.

The purpose of this posting is to offer a small team of people the extraordinary opportunity of a lifetime to explore, discover and share the beauty, mystery, wildness and wisdom of Big Island.

More than a decade we have been exploring, discovering, documenting and sharing the wildness and wisdom of this place and her people, her mystery danger and beauty. Every step of the way, the insight from Nature was to bring people to her. Through journal writing, poetry, music, photos, video and stories we were able to share the highlights with millions of others.

Now we are ready to go to a new level and with your involvement it can be fun, full of ease and grace and some cash income for everyone. I will show you how.

I am reaching out for assistance so that the Team can go to the next level. I think all that we are missing is you!

Ideally, we will be able to put eight of us to work full or part time, or “No time”, just fun, creativity, service and profit.

Makia- “Energy flows where attention goes.”

The profit is body, heart, mind and cash.

“Nature is the best teacher.” -if education is important
Nature provides for most of what we want and need. Society is here to support that.

Somehow, the “Best of both worlds” is what we must accomplish through this Intership for it to be successful. The best of Nature and Society, the best of being alone and being with others for mutual benefit, the best of the known and unknown aspects of our world and reality.

Each week we embark upon a new destination- adventure with a purpose. One purpose is to simply explore all that nature has to show us. Another purpose is that of modern-day Agriculture including having a home, transportation and communication just to be able to eat.

We explore more and more simple ways to live yet enjoying ever-evolving cutting-edge technology like these new home movie cameras and high-end editing computers. There is also a global financial infrastructure that has been building and becoming more accessible, inexpensive and potent for the average or extraordinary artist: musician, craftsperson, educator, activists or revolutionary, mother, father or family member… someone who wants to make a difference and to do it NOW!

Writing – Photography – Video – DVD Authoring – Web page creation and Mgt – Marketing and Management – and many others are available to you as a whole or individually to hone your skills at each. All or a few or just one. That is your Internship.

There are benefits from the Team such as high-level and professional Healing Arts – Martial Arts and Self-defense – and Multi-media services such as having a music video produced for you and/or a Business Plan or Innovation Video to showcase your vision, art and cause.

It’s so important we get outside and stay out as long as we can, go ever deeper into the wilds of Nature. This combined with the best that civilization has to offer is a golden blend of extremes that is a rich yet simple lifestyle if we work together.

Part of your job description will be to create Presentations and Communciation Tools such as DVDs, websites, printed materials, and some classy Manuals, Guidebooks, etc.

You need not know a thing about what is to be done, just willing to do it.

You will learn and have access to both Mac and PC based editing systems and TV studios.

MOST importantly, you will have the opportunity to experience Nature in a new and different way that is longer lasting and more purposeful. The highlights of what you experience are going to be able to be shared on or off-camera (your choice) to people who may not otherwise ever see the great outdoors like you and I.

Others will be INSPIRED to get up and outside, to tune-out in order to tune-in to Nature and Self, to hear that inner voice speak to us of love and destiny, creativity and the Heroes Journey.

This Internship is the Heroes Journey and none others need apply.

We are looking for that one-in-a-million super-soldier or civilian with a giant heart and sharp mind, a capable soul and a desire for an ever-deepening connection to Nature and the willingness to share it.

A weekly series on local and global television to inspire wilderness education and sustainable living.

“The clearest path into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.” -John Muir

And “In wildness is the preservation of the world.” -Henry David Thoreau

Both of these are so true.

If you are an experienced or aspiring outdoor educator and you want to engage that passion and profession here on Big Island, now is your opportunity.

We are putting together an Instructor Training Program that is relatively expensive in order to pay for the most excellent training and experience for staff, students and sponsors.

Your internship helps the Team plan the work and work the plan for a weekly outdoor program that gets people, especially us, up and out the door and embarking upon an adventure!

This is adventure with a purpose. I want to show you how to be an adventure traveler and producer able to earn your living through your play.

The internship is to learn to earn your living through your play. That’s like the Internship on Earth. It’s something we all can benefit from learning to do.

Last night we published the 21st century version of the old Hawaii Bound Outdoor Education Field Manual for Instructors.

Now it’s called Hawaii Bound Instructor Manual.

This is what we will be using to guide the new program which has just begun.

Once per week now, or twice per week, once during the weekend and some outing, however close during the week, we embark upon an adventure to explore and discover what we will see. This is for for Survival and Sustainability. It’s for fun, and it’s for profit. We are learning to earn our living through our play.

We are also on a revolutionary mission to liberate America from the Military Industrial Establishment, Banking System and Economic Hitmen. This combined with our Kuleana (divine purpose to engage the “Formal Restoration of the Hawaiian Nation”.

Both are strategic para-military, civilian based directives aimed at getting to the heart of what’s really threatening America, the Hawaiian Kingdom and the world.

Mostly it’s boredom and unresolved issues, grievances.

A larger more hidden problem is stagnant chi.

“Stagnant chi causes confusion and maliciousness.” -Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Stagnant chi is also known in Alaska as “cabin fever”. I’ve seen it in Hawaii too. People, me included, lost even in paradise. Dazed and confused and lonely and afraid or distracted or diseased because we have lost that feeling of connection with the Earth, with our bodies and with the Great Mystery.

So, this apprenticeship is a form of Peaceful Revolution and the making of a motion picture documentary “Project Jedi” which shows the past and present battles between the People and the System, the Empire vs. the Republic.

This is one of those rare films that goes beyond the battles between light and dark. The audience is guided along a path of the heroes journey and beyond.

Like Matrix part Four, Lord of the Rings Part 8. Kingdom of Heaven part II.

The Beach II.

We are living this life.

The internship is to be focused, passionate, present and capable to learn and carry-out certain tasks primarily that of high-level video editing, publishing via Amazon and local and global marketing. This includes sitting or standing in front of a computer inside and outside.

It means being an equal team-player with some very capable, creative and insightful people.

“A good student is the best teacher.” -Native wisdom

Ideally there will be compensation, a stipend if you are able to do good work and we are able to market our work well together both to the organization and to the People, for Nature and for Spirit.

I have no religious or political affiliations other than I am commanding a US Constitution-based Militia which is mostly just me, an Army of One.

With or without any outside help, I do a good jog. Yet with your help, and together, our being able to engage the Team more effectively, the Team then is able to learn to earn our living through our play.

We create Eco-pods and Homesteads for ourselves and those we love, and then we engage in adventure, both into Nature and human inner nature through art, crafts, businesses, causes and basic necessities.

If we work together on the basic necessities: freedom, creativity, joy along with food, water, shelter and MOVEMENT, then we can all live healthier, happier lives.

The challenge is to DO IT.

So, here is your chance.

Normally, this training is expensive. Therefore, the value of your internship is huge.

Enthusiasm – Cash – and Resources is what I want to see you receive for each minute and aspect of your attention and expertise.

Ask intuition then send me an email. I will respond promptly and we will get to work.

Work- non-profit organization SISD and the Hawaii Ahupuaa Agricultural Association
Project Jedi Manual – Movie and Way of Life

Building Eco-pods, Homesteads and Villages that are dialed-in 21 century style yet with access to Nature.

Weekly adventure program that is filmed and put on local TV.

I want your help to create and run a weekly outdoor adventure program that is broadcast in order to inspire education, holistic health, and renewable natural resources- such as getting paid to explore and be creative!