US Task Force Delta Message to Hawaiian Kingdom Government Officials


US Task Force Delta
Lt. Colonel David K. Swendiman
Homeland Security Liaison
Formal Restoration of the Hawaiian Nation

ATTENTION: Hawaiian Kingdom Ali’i, Nobles and Represenatives*

Re: Formal Restoration of the Hawaiian Nation:

1- Ministry of Education
2- Ministry of Agriculture
3- Kingdom Treasury
4- Ministry of Defense
5- Ministry of Health
6- Ministry of Science & Technology
7- Ministry of Energy
8- Ministry of Elections

Dear Big Island Governor (Kingdom of Hawaii Island Organizer Moku o Keawe),

Garry and Cyd Hoffeld,

It is my duty and honor to present to you a strategic initiative in the ongoing process of formal restoration of the Hawaiian Kingdom. This is also to put you on notice of overt and covert operations being conducted in your country, the Hawaiian Kingdom, on behalf of Kanaka Maoli, Hawaiian born and Nationalized Hawaiian citizens of foreign descent, involving enforcement and oversight of formal implementation of US Public Law 103-150 and HR23.

US Task Force Delta has been given Executive Order 20141227 which consists of three Operations which are hereby set forth in perpetuity… for as long as US and Hawaiian Kingdom Constitutional Law** holds strong.

Operation: Noble Steward (conceptualize in 1978 by Lt. Colonel James B. Channon and Executed by Major Lakota on ??

1) Formal liberation of America from the Military Industrial Establishment, ie. Bilderberger Group, Rothchild owned Federal Reserve, so-called Illuminati and their “Skull & Bones Society” which every US President is required to be a member of.

2) Formal Restoration of the Hawaiian Nation– a smooth and gentle, peaceful yet decisive change of management of US and de facto state of Hawaii based to that of Kanaka Maoli being at the heads of all government offices.

3) ClassifiedOur third operation is Kapu, “Sacred”, not necessarily forbidden or secret, based upon Huna Kupua and implementation of the ancient Hawaiian Ahupua’a way of lif and system of Agriculture.

There are three necessary components that must be in place, activated and successful for the Hawaiian Kingdom government to be fully functional according to US Task Force Delta “OPERATION: Noble Steward” which is heavily engaged in local and global efforts of sustainable development including self-governing by indigenous*** people and reversing the trend of colonialization by so-called global elitists, war-mongerers, money-changers, religious zealots and Economic Hitmen.

The latter is now who is in charge. For thousands of years, Kings, Queens, Dictators and Priests, benevolent and otherwise, have ruled the world based upon greed, fear, wealth, and power. This led to a de-centralization of the world’s governments into the hands of Economic Hitmen and mindless corporate machines that consume people and natural resources unconsciously.

Reversing this trend and establishing genuine Self-Governing requires two vital elements on an individual basis: Spirit and Cash and Three elements on a National or Kingdom level of Self-governing.

I submit these to you, Garry and Cyd, as two individuals united as One, who know and love da Kingdom and who are charged, responsible and accountable for the effective self-governing of Hawai’i’s Big Island and as Representatives of the Kingdom of Hawaii, Kingdom of Conscience and the Kingdom of Heaven (by whatever definition and deity).

These three elements are the foundation of any government, large or small, from the individual, to the US and for the Kingdom. They are, Education, Agriculture and Treasury with lesser influence given to particulars of Defense, Health, Science, Energy, and Voting.

From my observation and perspective the Hawaiian Kingdom Government has most or all of its other requirements and positions filled. Between all the major advocates of Sovereignty, LHG, the Lawful Hawaiian Government; PKOH (the Polynesian Kingdom of Hawaii); Attorney General’s Office of Tom Anthony; Kau Inoa;, Dr. Keanu Sai’s supporters and many others, there is little or nothing in the way of successful and formal restoration of the Hawaiian Nation EXCEPT for awareness, education, motivation, and perseverance.

The Establishment (those that illegally took over both America and Hawaii, along with dozens or hundreds of other colonialized nations) has one very effective strategy that has so far been extremely effective in PREVENTING the formal restoration of the Hawaiian Kingdom and the liberation of America from the Federal Reserve and Economic Hitmen…

“Divide and Conquer”.

It is up to you, Garry and Cyd, to be the liassons, the leaders, the way-showers and the example of a unified Hawaii. King Kamehameha did the hard part for both the Establishment and for you.

Task Force Delta supports, promotes and defends the free-will and voice of the People, Kanaka Maoli and Hawaiian Nationals and the efforts of the people and advocates of Hawaiian Kingdom Sovereignty.

This revolutionary initiative is a US Constitution-based Militia that has as one of its top three operations, “… the formal restoration of the Hawaiian Nation”, hereinafter referred to as “da Kingdom”. This strategic initiative is based upon US Public Congressional Law 103-150 and de facto state of Hawaii HR-23, along with numerous Bills, Acts and Laws supporting the fact that the Hawaiian Kingdom is in continuity.

1) New System of Education
2) New System of Agricultur
3) New System of Treasury

The so-called Illuminati and their “secret” Skull and Bones Society publshed in their Manifesto 200 years ago a plan to take over America and the world. Indeed, their funding sources were and are at the core of the 1000s year old tyrannical rule and colonialization of the free world. The “Skull and Bones Society”, according to the Illuminati

inform you that I have Task Force Delta US Constitution based Militia and A Brief History of the US and Hawaiian Kingdom for the purpose of formal re
The same so-called “Powers-that-be” that illegally seized ‘Iolani Palace in 1893 then took over America’s Treasury in 1913 followed by an investment of $20,000,000.00 (Wedding Present to Stalin who ma

*Polynesian Kingdom of Atua’hi Aleika Aiopalani, Prime Minister Henry Noa, Uncle Robert of Kalapana, Anakala Kamuela Kalaleiki, Attorney General Tom Anthony, Hawi and Nani; Puna Rep. Michael Weeks, Edward Silva, Dr. Keanu Sai, Molokai’s Hanapei and Alipi, LooWingBwoa, and all reps from all districts on all Islands.

This includes any and all advocates of Sovereignty who are willing to set aside real or petty differences on behalf of the Hawaiian Kingdom… past, present and future.

**Hawaiian Kingdom Constitutional Law includes each and/or all of the Hawaiian Kingdom Constitutions, particularly that of 1864 with the understanding that the official Constitution, along with the official National Flag, Monarch and government functions shall be determined by the People.

***Indigenous People is defined in part by the simple pre-requisite of having been born in the place you are living or the people who were born in the place you are visiting. Indigenous people have preferential treatment and inalienable human rights that super-cede those of foreignersUS Task Force Delta cmdr. (those not born of the region and those not yet Nationalized as Citizens)