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Facebook and YouTube are great. However, when the amount of content reaches a certain volume, a blog, and particularly WordPress is a much more effective means of communication and education. Beyond this we are producing a comprehensive DVD of the gathering and blockade action that took place yesterday, October 7th, 2014.

Below are some photo highlights of yesterday:

Here is a provactive and inspiring video from the summit shot by Big Island Video News


Kanaka Maoli Hawaiian Kingdom Flag History – Present – and Future for Independence

The Kanaka Maoli (“true people” in the Hawaiian language) flag is sometimes claimed to be the original flag of the Kingdom of Hawii.

Kanaka Maoli flag

To some, this flag symbolizes the Native Hawaiians, because the present Hawaiian flag, a hybrid of British and American symbolism, evokes images of colonialism. The colors are red-green-yellow, said to have been Kamehameha’s personal flag, and reintroduced by Kamehameha III. The central design is also present in the official coat of arms of the Kingdom of Hawaii.

At the center of the flag is a green shield bearing a coat of arms of the kanaka maoli, made up of the royal kahili, the original Hawaiian royal standard. Crossing this kahili are two paddles, representing both voyaging traditions of Hawaiians, and Kamehameha’s Kanawai Mamalahoe. There are nine stripes, unlike the eight striped flag of the present state of Hawaii. Each stripe represents one of the inhabited Hawaiian islands. They are: Hawaii Island, Oahu, Kauai, Kahoolawe, Lanai, Maui, Molokai, Niihau, and Nihoa. It is said, the green in the flag represents the maka ‘ainana (commoners), the land and goodness; the red represents the landed konohiki (middle class), genealogy and strength; and the yellow represents the Alii, spirituality and alertness to danger. Other flags have been proposed, and interpretations of colors, but even leaders of the Hawaiian sovereighty movement often use the current state flag, since it was in effect after 1843.


For the sake of freedom and independence for us all, the differences in the origins, meanings and present use of various flags is less important than freedom itself and self-governing. Flags are tools of unity and symbology for solidarity and common causes.

The tyrranical leaders of the world throughout history have used divisiveness to conquer their enemies. Hawaiian born, those who live here and those visiting are wise not to allow themselves to be divided by war-mongerers. Instead, we each have our flags and our coats of arms and symbols. When it comes to a National Flag or a Kingdom Flag of Hawaii, “it is up to the people”, according to the last reigning King Kalakaua and also modern-day Prime Minister Henry Noa.

The flag below is to honor the Hawaiian Kingdom flags as they are known and used today along with the logo of LHG, the Lawful Hawaiian Government. All advocates of Hawaiian Sovereignty are honored and invited and welcome to submit their words, photos, video, symbols and art here on this blog for all to see.