US TASK FORCE DELTA: Multi-media and motion picture guerrilla warfare MISSION: Paradise

For da Kingdom… for Self, Humanity and Creation a series of educational programs that are revolutionary, both for the Hawaiian Nation and for the 2nd America Revolution- the liberation of America from the world bank and the military industrial establishment.



Super-soldier Training

for being a Warrior Monk, Scout or Spiritual Warrior


The following information is copyright protected this 30th day of December, 2013 by Major David Keith Swendiman, cmdr. US Task Force Delta for the formal restoration of the Hawaiian Nation and the liberation of America from the Banking System and Military Industrial Establishment.

“It takes a good man to know when to do just good enough.” –said the Grandpa of Ultra-Lights Mike Jacober

I never used to believe that but now I know that it is part true. That part includes getting’ information like this up and out there into your hands while I can instead of waiting for it to be published all fancy-like. Yet I am workin’ on publishing it to. One version is already available: Task Force Delta Field Manual, which is a compilation of wisdom and ways of the Spiritual Warrior that I was taught and that I compiled for you, others and I.

Order a copy of Task Force Delta Field Manual, if you will to help keep alive that wisdom and APPLY it. Freedom and Prosperity await you and all. Each must walk the part alone and together. Aho.

This information is primarily for Shaman and Jedi Training- Warrior Monks / Super-soldiers / Citizen Soldiers / Warrior Priests and the Warrior Priestess / Tom Brown’s Way of the Scout / and Shambala’s Way of the Spiritual Warrior. All these paths lead to Oneness and beyond, ever deeper into the Great Mystery.

MISSION: Paradise, created by Jim Channon and being coordinated by Exan, is a weekly series being produced by Keep It in the Family Productions, Inc. out of Canada.

My role is to train 12 individuals in the way of the Shaman and Jedi

The series is a catalyst to hone skills, learn new ones and share the best of this with others- those who are ready and for whom it serves the highest good only.

Therefore, these are the key ways and principles. They may be re-prioritized later. Meanwhile, in relative order of priority and keeping in mind to always go back to Source by whatever name whenever the need arises. Otherwise, go forth and multiply. It’s a big Universe. And this is only one of many. All are young, fertile, eager for beings like you to explore, discover and play throughout infinite fields of discovery. So it is forever. Enjoy the journey…

Nearly every aspect of training and discipline and lessons and their application comes down to a few simple guidelines. Huna Kupua is among the simplest and most powerful of the world’s wisdom discovered to date. The Hawaiian’s were the 2nd most intelligent people on earth at the time of the illegal take-over. No wonger why the Establishment wanted to see them overthrown- plus their strategic location for completing global take-over.

Huna Kupua is a form of liberation of mind, body, heart and soul for the person who wants to focus with great passion on their inner calling and guidance while tuning-in to nature and serving our fellow humankind.

Ten percent is an excellent working number in terms of how much energy and attention to give in service to others. A warrior of spirit may find peace in being selfish 90% of the time and then giving a whole-hearted 10% of time, money, effort away to others.

There are others who have and shall continue to choose to give 100% or more of all that they are worth to the causes that inspire them. Even to them I say, throttle back to 75% for maximum rate of growth and continued excellence.

Shamanism 101: “The Golden Rule” also known as the Law of Amra or Karma.

Now I see that it is time to publish Task Force Delta Field Manual. Most of the rest of this stuff is in there.

Way of the Jedi 101: “When you quite your mind you will here the lifeforce speak to you?” –based upon a similar quote that Quai-gon Jin spoke to Anakin Skywalker.

All the training and the way of life, the production series Huna Kupua and MISSION: Paradise are all based upon the 21 Principles of Sustainable Living created for the S.I.S.D.

• Survival Training
• Ecological Stewardship

• Documentary Production

Are the basis of the syllabus along with Healing Arts, Martial Arts, and many forms of media: DVD authoring, website building, marketing, sales and business management, instructor training, earning a degree as a Media Specialist or Healing Artist (Ha!).





~ NLP based Level III Intuition
~ Inner Smile

~ Mequon Meditation
~ Soul Travel

~ Soul Record
~ Katsu

~ Knife and Kali Stick Fighting

~ Sword Play

~ Communing with Nature
~ Communicating DIRECTLY with Spirit- your Creator

~ Living, working, playing, co-creating DIRECTLY with the Source.

~ RPN- Ring-Pass-Not such as in Lord of the Rings and Hobbit executed by Gandalf. Same force-field as the Earth Mother uses to protect herself from the Sun.

~ ABC’s including many forms of breath:

            4 out… 4 in / 5, 6, 7 and 8 breaths out and 8 in / slow breathing down / include counting via walking, running, blinking and especially heartbeat. Synchronize heartbeat to breathing. Eight out. Eight in. Always breathe out first. Show the plant and tree world with carbon dioxide in the form of green light. Inhale oxygen from the trees in the form of white light.

            Arm Bar Breathing

            Spherical Breathing

Quantum Healing: Seek first the blessing. Concentrate to ask. Relax to Receive. Wait up to three days. Then the lesson, then the cure. Ask yourself, “If the Universe knows me and  loves me, then nothing will happen unless the Creator causes it or allows it. Either way, there is a blessing, lesson and cure embedded in it. No more victimization or seeking outside assistance before going to the Source. QUANTUM Health.


Adventure – Stewardship – and Production… T-3 Saves Me.

Making Money Making Movies Making a Difference


Education System of America… goin’ in the back door… a nation-wide rescue of children trapped under fluorescent lights, bound by four walls. The Establishment has bound the teachers hands and has force-fed propaganda to the system intended to program soldiers and consumers.


Well, this is training, Turn it around. Become a teacher, a warrior, a priest. Reach out and reach in to your country, family, self or soul. Stand for something or fall for anything. Get up off your ass, breathe and BE SOMEBODY. BE extraordinary. There is no need to be a hero or seek recognition. BE THE WAY. BE THE LIGHT. BE THE EXAMPLE. DO IT NOW. Breathe into it. Breathe out the old air, energy and way that no longer serves you. Breathe in fresh mana from da aina, from the earth and from the Life Force. Shower the world of plants and trees with your breath and light.


Do anything and everything possible to cultivate ever-deepening connection with the Source.


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