Message to US President Barak Obama re: Hawaiian Kingdom “Official Repatriation”

Message to US President Barak Obama re: Hawaiian Kingdom “Official Repatriation”

This is a priority communique from Major David K. Swendiman of Task Force Delta sharing the inspired insight for President Obama to have as part of his legacy the formal restoration of the Hawaiian Nation under US Congressional Public Law 103-150 also known as the Apology Bill. There is also de facto State of Hawaii’s Legistlature Resolution 68 and House of Representatives Resolution #23 (Hawaii HR-23).

Below is a copy of this communique and a portion of the YouTube description:

Published on Dec 16, 2013
Priority Communique:

To: United States President Barak Obama

Re: formal restoration of the Hawaiian Nation including establishment of Puhu’uhonua (places of refuge) in every district on every island of Hawaii.

“Aloha Mr. President,

This is a call for official repatriation of the Hawaiian Kingdom including peaceful transition of management from US control to that of Kanaka Maoli as heads of all departments until and so they decide to place someone else in those positions.

“The US Government is hereby called to honor the conditions and clauses outlined in UNITED STATESPUBLIC LAW 103-150…

Below are excerpts from 103d Congress Joint Resolution 19 Nov. 23, 1993 that compels America, Congress and the President to ACT on behalf of the Hawaiian People specifically in the way of the illegal takeover and reconciliation.

[The United States] Congress:

(3) apologizes to Native Hawaiians on behalf of the people of the United States for the overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii on January 17, 1893 with the participation of agents and citizens of the United States, and the deprivation of the rights of Native Hawaiians to self-determination;

(4) expresses its commitment to acknowledge the ramifications of the overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii, in order to provide a proper foundation for reconciliation between the United States and the Native Hawaiian people; and

(5) urges the President of the United States to also acknowledge the ramifications of the overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii and to support reconciliation efforts between the United States and the Native Hawaiian people.

In 2012 and 2013 both House of Representatives and Legislature for de facto State of Hawaii passed Resolutions 23 and 68 respectively mirroring Public Law 103-150 and calling for formal repatriation.

The American People, if they were aware that the United States illegally took over Hawaii and many other nations in the world, will not allow that to continue. It’s dishonorable. Formal repatriation is just and overdue said a representative from the Hawaii State government.

I am grateful Mr. President for all that you have done for America. I feel that the formal repatriation of the Hawaiian Nation is an extraordinary and deserved element of your legacy as President and leader of the free world.

Many Hawaiian people and visitors to the islands speak of how Hawaii is a model for sustainability for the new world- one you helped usher in. A further legacy to the formal restoration of the Hawaiian Kingdom is all the help and influence that the US Government, England and you, sir, may bestow upon Hawai’i in the way of what is just and dignified as a country and as decent human beings.

We have the opportunity to establish a new society based upon simple ways and means that give all of us greater freedom, prosperity and fulfillment.

I call upon the United Christ Church (the primary perpetrator of the illegal overthrow outline in Public Law) to step forward and fulfill your requirements according to Public Law 103-150.

This legacy Mr. President showers the Hawaiian islands with all the justice and aloha and compensation and inspiration for necessary for sustainability, holistic health, renewable energy and the Spirit of Aloha. Imagine the inspiration created by that wave of justice and amends being made.

I remember a similar wave, one that swept the world when you were elected President. People all over the planet were crying. I was too. Just thinking about that sweeping CHANGE that overcame the WHOLE world was emotional and memorable. Let’s do it again.

The spirit of Hawai’i awaits you. The place you were born- both an American citizen by conventional law and a Hawaiian National by default.

In the giant scope of human evolution on Earth, we are on standing on the precipice of great change… where genunie sovereignty, peace and prosperity prevail throughout all the lands. We all have a role to play.

We have the ability, therefore the responsibility to make things pono with the Hawaiian Nation and to usher in a new world of peace, freedom and prosperity for all.

So be it. Aho.

-Major David Keith Swendiman
US Task Force Delta Commander
New Earth Army Kauai

Special Note: This goes out to all Kanaka Maoli still confined in US mainland prisons of Arizona and Oklahoma, especially those who are there for victimless or non-violent crimes. Many are there for speaking out against their oppressors.

I call to Ke Akua to direct and compel US President Barack Obama, the United States Government, and the American people to recognize the Hawaiian Nation and to begin formal restoration and repatriation according to law and just doin’ whatz pono.


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