National Intelligence Estimate- informal response to Ltc. Channon, New Earth Army Cmdr

This National Intelligence began as a letter of response to Ltc. Jim Channon when he posted a form of question about education for kids and nature and technology.

Twenty solid years+ I have been steeplly wrapped in all of that so it felt good to unload the best I was able to deliver in a few minutes.

Two inspired blocks of text were delivered in two waves… two  surges of outpouring on a subject so rooted in my way of life.

It is important to note that these blogs are an integral aspect of the whole media, communication and education package or paradigm. Facebook is great too. And YouTube. Like a DVD, these blogs are one place where most or all of the other forms of art may be presented.

Belos is the letter to the Colonel which is also now a draft National Intelligence Estimate I plan to submit to President Obama and to the Hawaiian National Government.

To Colonel Channon:

Mahalos Colonel for the Kudos. Re: how nature can come to the classroom with all the sentient intelligence needed provoked by the programming.

Couple answers. Until holographic technology replaces DVD, the multi-chapter inter-active nature of the DVD still stands as the number one corporate communication tool.

The process of producing a DVD is an extreme level of accellerated education for the producer and many others involved.

Anything you really want to learn about, make an inspired video of it. Once a collection of coherent scenes or segments have been gathered together, they serve as both a whole program and one that may be referred to later by clicking on individual chapters.

The standard DVD may be enjoyed in a home theater with surround sound, on a laptop or desktop, projected on a classroom wall or marveled at on the Big Screen.

Since you and I met Colonel, I have wanted to create a DVD of the many aspects of your best and favorite skills, abilities, ideas, dreams, plans and goals.

So that is a third answer… we do what we can when we can cuz the opportunity may not come back around for a long time. These children in classrooms throughout America especially have multi-millions of dollars worth of technology at their fingertips (Mac computer with imovie, itunes, Garage Band and iDVD. Few know how to use the blend of these tools to make a viable educational program, particularly DVD. Yet the opportunity is there and the potential for staging unprecedented genius is ripe to the breaking point.

It will be wise for Teachers and You and I and others to fund and fuel and inspire and provide for the immediate and sustained training of Guerrilla Media Warfare Specialists and send them into hot spots all over the world.

One of the greatest crisis centers I have ever seen is the country or suburban home where comfort leads to apathy and apathy leads to crisis and the Dark Side.

Wilderness and City have their levels of stagnant chi, but the wild energy keeps things moving. Children in schools and students of colleges and workers in buildings need to get off and stay off their asses! Yet this is prohibitively difficult alone. “No man or woman or child is an island.” even though we paradoxically must continuously hone our skills and consciousness of independence.

“Stagnant chi causes confusion and maliciousness.” -Sun Tzu

This condition remains a hidden plague and threat and unchecked disease. 

If we really care about the kids, we will get them outside. Cameras and computers and the world-wide web, all geniusly blended into one unit with the Galaxy Note and other Smartphones, are tools of liberation, freedom, prosperity, creativity, service and the staging of entertainment and genius.

Beginning at age three, these kids can wield the camera which you have said is the most powerful weapon. 

We need to step it up sir in terms of local and global education, inspiration, arming and projecting operatives into every corning of the world along the precise lines that you prescribed or presented in the 1st Earth Battalion Field Manual.

One major difference between then and now is FOCUS and REALITY instead of Mythology alone. The

On the dawn of pre-contact with our Space-faring cousins and perhaps are subterranean brothers and sisters, it is high time we do a global sweep and surge in the way of both Nature and using technology to connect deeper with her.

In Nature lies all the Spirituality many will ever need and more. And then to go ever deeper into connection with Nature, Self and Source as one… Armies of One.

The children need to be taught how to be Armies of One: self-sufficient, connected, inspired and tuning-into and utilitzing their inherent gifts.

One major mistake of the Establishment, or perhaps it is deliberate, is that people are unique and deserve unique attention. When it comes to children, the TRIBE needs to step up, give some of their time and attention to the kids. 

In lieu of the absent parents and tribe, even when they are right there!- media is the next best teacher. Sometimes media is the BEST teacher.

So in conclusion, the following are the key ways to provide very high-level education

1- Outdoor and Wilderness Experience and lessons, survival training, exploring, etc

2- They can use their phones to explore, discover, document and share the highights of their experiences, their lessons and then edit them together into a presentation like a book report. 

Instead of black words on white background, it’s full of life, visuals and sounds.

3- honoring and nurturing native intelligence and connection. Promoting and supporting individuality and teamwork yet with emphasis on independence so as to be a better team player, member of the classroom, office, family or tribe.

4- Always honoring the unseen and the unknown, the Great Mystery. 

Part of being intelligent and SENTIENT is awareness of self. I am aware enough now of myself and the Universe to know that I hardly know anything at all and most of what I learned was from people was false. Intuition. Imagination. and direct communication (silently-inwardly) with the Source of all things.

Major David Swendiman
US Task Force Delta cmdr.
(808) 494-8261


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