From Heart and Soul In the midst of chaos,

From Heart and Soul


In the midst of chaos, anger and confusion, I follow inner guidance to a quiet place in the shade of the hot sun and away from the noise and pollution of the thousands of people and vehicles.

I write this to you as a form of expression that serves a multitude of purposes. One is Love and Respect.  Another is recognition in you of someone special.  You are special if you care.  You’re special if you are honest and endeavor to do something worthwhile in this world- beyond just your Self or family or friends… “Beyond right-doings and wrong-doings, I’ll meet you there.” -Rumi

Perhaps I am writing to you just to enlist your aid, your help, your assistance to create what is beyond either of us or any of us.  And sometimes Life just leaves it up to us.

I ask for your help like a wild animal.  A wolf I am and a bear and an Eagle.  I yearn to be free, to explore and reside in the most beautiful and sacred of places… the peace and tranquility- serenity. Herein there is effortless connection to the Divine, Ecstasy and the sublime, free of money, things and time.  Somehow there is a way to have the best of both worlds, wilderness and society, spirit and cash; reality and rhyme.

Most of my life I have ventured deeper and deeper into the world’s wild places.  At the Heart of Nature, immersed in splendor and grandeur, surrounded by immense beauty, vastness and majestic mountains, forest, field and stream…  I awaken from the spell of matter and I hear Life’s dream… “Bring people to me,” She asks as Mother Nature herself, “and bring me to them!”

So that is my Kuleana, my mission and purpose. Coconuts are a way to feed body, heart, mind and soul along with bread and butter cash. Documentary and movie-making are sources of inspiration, education, communication and funding.

I ask for your help in bridging the gap between people and Nature, Self and Source, living your life mission and plenty of time to play… enjoy pure silence and able to say what you have to say.

That is what I am working on today. Hoka-hey!

David Lakota “Kawika”


(808) 494-8261

cc: Sarah, Jimmy, Anni and a precious few others… Mother, David C., Daniel B., Joel Jungers, and Jennifer… especially Bahia, daughter Sarah, Ke Akua, Nature and the Earth Mama.                      DavidLakota.US