State of Hawaii House of Representatives Resolution 23 (HR-23)


1 WHEREAS, in 2011, the Legislature enacted Act 195, Session 2 Laws of Hawaii 2011, recognizing Native Hawaiians as the 3 indigenous people of Hawaii; and 4 5

WHEREAS, the State has on numerous occasions, and in 6 official documents and statutes, including Act 195, Session Laws 7 of Hawaii 2011, affirmed that beginning in 1893, the United 8 States violated the sovereignty of the Hawaiian Kingdom when it 9 colluded with insurgents to usurp the government of the Hawaiian 10 Kingdom; and 11 12

WHEREAS, international law confirms that the sovereignty of 13 the Hawaiian Kingdom was never relinquished or extinguished and 14 that the Hawaiian Kingdom is “in continuity”; and 15 16 WHEREAS, international law prohibits the coercive 17 assignment or altering of a person’s nationality and citizenship 18 to a foreign state without the explicit free, prior, and 19 informed consent of the person; and 20 21

WHEREAS, in section 19 of the Admission Act, the United 22 States Congress affirmed that the Admission Act itself does not 23 confer or terminate or otherwise change the nationality status 24 of Hawaiians; and 25 26 WHEREAS, a sizeable part of the population of the Hawaiian 27 Islands identify themselves as Hawaiian Nationals and lawfully 28 reserve and assert their right to claim nationality (citizenship 29 or subject-ship) in the Hawaiian Kingdom, a nation in 30 continuity; and
HR HMS 2013—1797 ~
i—i.i~. N~J. z~1

WHEREAS, the rights to Hawaiian Nationality are conferred 2 by natural birth and customary law and practice, whether 3 lineally descended from Hawaiian Nationals, by birth within the 4 physical boundaries of the Hawaiian Islands, or by a formal 5 process of naturalization; and 6 7

WHEREAS, pursuant to Hawaiian Kingdom laws, international 8 treaties and conventions, the Law of Nations, and all other 9 standards relating to nationality, Hawaiian Nationals are 10 citizens of the Hawaiian Kingdom, residing in their own country, 11 the Hawaiian Islands, and are not citizens of the United States 12 or “residents” of the “State of Hawaii”; and 13 14

WHEREAS, in addition, the term “Hawaiian National” is not 15 synonymous with the term “Native Hawaiian”, which was coined by 16 the United States Congress to narrowly define Hawaiians 17 according to aboriginal blood quantum; now, therefore, 18 19

BE IT RESOLVED by the House of Representatives of the 20 Twenty-seventh Legislature of the State of Hawaii, Regular 21 Session of 2013, that Hawaiian Nationals are hereby recognized 22 as an authentic population residing lawfully in the Hawaiian 23 Islands; and 24 25

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that Hawaiian Nationals are 26 recognized as the authentic heirs, beneficiaries, and body 27 politic of the Hawaiian Kingdom, a nation in continuity; and 28 29

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the State commits to uphold the 30 laws regarding nationality-based discrimination, and to 31 encourage the courts and law enforcement agencies in the State 32 to cease all nationality-based harassment and prosecution of 33 Hawaiian Nationals; and 34 35

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that Hawaiian Nationals, as an 36 authentic body politic, have the right to organize and restore 37 their national government of, by, and for the people of the 38 Hawaiian Islands; and
HR HMS 2013—1797 ~
Page 3 HE. NO.231

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that certified copies of this 2 Resolution be transmitted to the Governor, the Attorney General, 3 the Chief Justice, the Chiefs of Police of the respective 4 counties, and the Prosecuting Attorneys of the respective 5 counties. 6 7 8

OFFERED BY: _____________________________________________
U ~ 2U13


Below is a copy of the actual document signed by public officials thus making it public law.

State of Hawaii House Resolution HR23



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