Executive Assistant position for David Lakota

Executive Assistant Position for the New Earth Army’s operations in the Kingdom of the Hawaiian Islands and specifically YouthProject.US, part of the S.I.S.D. (Society for International Sustainable Development), a 501 c (3) registered with the IRS and the State of Alaska.

This position is about bridging the gap between the people of the Hawaiian Islands and their right and responsibility to be Self-governing according to the Kingdom of Hawaii Constitution supported by US Congressional Law, de facto Hawaii State law, and International Law. 

Hawaii stands to serve as a model for peaceful revolution in terms of a paradigm shift in Self-governing, sustainability, renewable energy, a new monetary system, a new voting system (one-person-one-vote on all issues and candidates), and a whole lot more.

More important than politics or government to me, and in this process, is the individual. This entire operation is to serve the individual and groups of individuals who serve the Earth, Nature or Spirit in a practical, effective way.

Outdoor Education for Kids and producing educational programming for local, national and international education systems are two primary objectives and strategies for accomplishing the missions and visions of each person, organization and government involved.

If you feel inspired to do so, answer each of the questions below as in-depth as you can. However, don’t struggle with it. Just let it flow and don’t worry about grammar, spelling, or anything else. The more natural and stream of consciousness the better. The key is to be yourself. Spirit and Nature are overseeing this process and making the decisions. I am carrying them out as they relate to this ad and opportunity.

1- What is inspiring you or calling you to respond to this? Why you want to be my Executive Assistant or participate in these causes or mission?

2- What do you feel your top skills and abilities are? Especially in each or any of the following:

Funding Development:
Other areas:

Here’s a challenging question that I don’t need an answer for right away, yet I am interested in very little else when it comes to working directly with people…

3. What is the vision of your wildest dream? What do you want more than anything else? Be as detailed as you wish. Fill up pages if you can or just write a few words.

4. What do you really feel you can do for this Operation and these organizations and causes?

5. Anything else you care to share from the mind, heart or soul?

6. What are some of the best forms of education you have received?

7. What are some of the best jobs you have had? What did you love about it?

8. What is the ideal job for you? -Doing what you love and earning a decent living at it.


Below are some important details of what is happening with the position:

However, I don’t need to know how it may work. We just have to tune-in, individually, as to how we may best serve this common cause.

Special Note: The ad was placed based upon a revelation while gardening. I was having some effortless Q&A with Mother Nature (Universe-Creator-Life Force) by whatever name, and She asked me what I will do with a million dollars.

That’s a typical amount that people are often given for publishing a successful book, which I just submitted today. I am not attached as to whether it makes any money, but I honor the “coincidence”.

My answer to the question about how to spend a million included allocating about 10% or $100,000.00 to hiring people to carry-out the tasks listed in the ad and then some.

However, there is no budget right now in terms of cash until and so someone more skilled in that area than I takes on that task or until a windfall appears.

We have non-profit status, a successful outdoor kids program (in the past), lots of excellent Agricultural work (Forestry, Gardening, Landscaping), helping small business, making headway with the Kingdom of Hawaii, and producing important multi-media for kids in classrooms throughout Alaska, America and more and more the whole world through the internet.

If you have funding development skills and want to take on that task and generate some funding for these worthy causes and projects and kids and people of all ages, then let’s get rolling. If you have to wait until you have cash in hand or until there is some to pay you after two weeks of part-time of full-time work, then that is okay. We shall see what happens. 

Meanwhile, I am busy six days a week rockin’ and rolling on all these areas and having some success with some of it, but realizing that I am only so effective as a lone wolf. Just one more person more than doubles the efficiency. Then there is the phenomenon of how some things can only be created by two or more. 

I am envisioning a team of a maximum of eight. When we reach eight people, the most capable or enthusiastic of the eight branches off and becomes an autonamous yet cooperative and symbiotic team leader for up to another eight. A full compliment will be eight teams of eight.

Meanwhile, two or more is sufficient. Three is ideal. Four allows us to do a whole lot more. Yet we don’t ever need to get that big. Three is enough for the forseeable future