New Earth Army base on Kaua’i to serve as Global HQ for “Council of Nations”

Colonel, this is “hot off the press” as of last night- posted here only for brief instructional purposes. I’m going to take it down tomorrow. This is a high-level “remote-viewing” training, practice and skills development exercise. More imortantly, this is among the most powerful ways to co-create reality and to glean insight from the unconscious or super-conscious Self and Source.

After tomorrow, an mp3 will be in its place available for $150 which will include a preliminary track that gets folks prepared before “lift-off”. So, get it while it’s FREE!

As you know, this kinda stuff was never available to the public before, “Eyes-Only” under penalty of death. I can see why.

I’m shocked the Cmdr.-in-Chief is requesting its immediate release.

I recommend accessing this right away and downloading it using some YouTube downloader or just let it fully buffer and listen to it in its entirety.

A wild, wild ride.

Your feedback was invaluable on the Gaia Chakra Illumination Meditation, which is and shall remain available for free. Feedback on this new one, however, is mission critical…

Mequon Meditation– a from of “remote-viewing” training and a way to explore, fly within, understand and co-create from the halls and doors of the subconscious, yet in the waking state.

Standing by.

Capt. David Lakota
N.E.A. base cmdr. Moku o Kaua’i
“…the island that was never conquered!”

PS. Establishing a base there as we speak atop the mountain with the help of National Geographic. A secret, or sacred “Kapu” base (HQ) is being readied in the area of the Kalihiwai Mountains. I’ll keep you posted. Cav out.

This “Paradise” outpost shall serve many functions. One of them is council chambers for world leaders, a center for the new United Nations of the world yet without the strangle-hold and manipulation of Banks, politicians, or the M.I.E (military industrial establishment).

The rest of the time, or at least one day per week, this New Earth Army base is a 21st century Farm – Garden – Mystery School – and Spiritual Retreat. This is also a Movie-set and documentary production marketing center for local and global education on sustainable living and development of human and natural resources in a holistic, pono way that is generative instead of de-generative.

The Kalihiwai base and its outposts around Kauai are intended to be first and foremost centers of enlightenment to experience the joy and connection to Spirit Nature Self and Others.

This is a Mystery School for learning ancient and modern arts of Meditation, Intuition, Creative Visualization, and how to fly and manifest any reality.

More important is service to the Earth that is conducted here both in profound and practical ways. These include Huna Kupua and how to Garden, especially the ancient way of Ahupua’a. Then there is Outdoor and Wilderness Education for all ages along with Hawaiian Language, Culture and cutting-edge multi-media production capabilities.

This is your preliminary invitation.

Below is a corresponding graphic to aid in further development of creating a Merkaba, a Light-Spirit-Body or just “Light Body”.

work in progress to show elements, aspects and attributes of the Human Energy System
Human Chakra System chart (in part)… a work in progress to show elements, aspects and attributes of the Human Energy System


4 thoughts on “New Earth Army base on Kaua’i to serve as Global HQ for “Council of Nations””

  1. Beautiful to see the level of substance you provide through your website and illustrations. I appreciate that in my likeness I see the same beautiful tonations to which it is I imbue to the world. Thank you and bless you and look forward to be-In-G(od) in service to you.
    Love and Light,
    -Phoenix Risen

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