Kingdom of Hawaii Kanaka Maoli Call to Action! 4 “Peaceful Revolution”


This is a communications hub for the Kingdom of Hawaii. Please check back often for inspirational updates and valuable links to key individuals in government and the private sector for self-governing and sustainable living.

Communications Office # (808) 339-0692
Attorney General’s Office: (808) 967-7179

Ke Akua, I ask that King Dayne and the Prime Minister unite!
Prime MInister and King Dayne unite!


Reinstated Hawaiian Government

This is the Kanaka Maoli “Flag of the People”, a banner of unification and solidarity.


Below is updated information regarding the formal re-instatement of the Hawaiian Nation including the Polynesian Kingdom of Ato’oi, Moku o Kaua’i, “the island that was never conquered”.


This office serves Na Kanaka Maoli and supports their re-instatement at any and all heads of government that they see fit including the restoration and activation of the Kingdom of Hawaii Consitution. “Ua Mau Ke Ea o Ka Aina i Ka Pono!” The Freedom, the Life of the Land is preserved in righteousness!”


Hawaii Marshall

What does that mean? In part it means that the Kingdom of Hawaii is now free of its oppressors… free from US Occupation according to United States Congressional Law 103-150 and many others. Hawaii is and has been and shall remain free in the way of International Law.

As of January 1st, 2012, with the planting of the People’s Flag atop Mauna Kea, it was proclaimed by Kawika Kala’kau’a, representing both the United States of America and the Kingdom of Hawai’i, that the formal re-instatement of the Kingdom of Hawaii is official according to Ke Akua.

The United States occupation has ended. Now the Kanaka Maoli are in charge and hereby called to action and office. Occupy ‘I’olani Palace according to the Kingdom of Hawaii Constitution.
You have a King and two banners of sovereignty until the people choose a new one. You have a Lawful Hawaiian Government complete with its Executive, Legistlative and Executive Branches. You have highly trained, dedicated and fiercely capable Kanaka Maoli and Kingdom of Hawaii militia known as Na Koa Huna Kupua.

This is a call to action by and for the People of Hawaii, Kanaka Maoli, Hawaiian Nationals, and those who were born here. This is also a call to those who know and love Hawaii and love freedom even more. This is a call to all former and active duty US Marines and intelligence officers and field agents still loyal to the US Constitution.

The formal actvation of the KIngdom of Hawaii is underway and legally backed by both international and US Congressional Law.

Now the challenge is a peaceful transition from old management to new management including restoration of the Kingdom of Hawaii Constitution and the Ahupua’a of each island. There shall be a Pu’uhonua in each district, in each Ahupua’a on each Moku.

Contact the Kingdom of Hawaii Attorney General’s Office for information on the Law and how to formally become a Kingdom of Hawaii citizen. The Kingdom of Hawaii Attorney General’s Office is one place in all of Hawaii that you can rely upon to be unbiased in the way of which of the many advocates of sovereignty there are amidst all of the islands.

Local, State, National and International Law support and protect the fact that Hawaii was and is its own nation. “It is up to the people to be self-governing.” United States Public Law 103-150 as well as unanimous decision by Legistators of the State of Hawaii uphold the right of KIngdom of Hawaiian citizens (Kanaka Maoli, Nationals, and those born here) as being “free of police harassment” and no longer under the jurisdiction of the United States.

Imagine what that means for the Spirit of Aloha and the ability of the people to reconnect with the Aina, with the Amakua, and with Ke Akua?
Oppression often leads to unconsciousness.

Now it is time to wake-up. We have a nation and a constitution, a palace and a Kingdom to restore.
Education (learning, doing, teaching)
Ecology (Nature, People and Agriculture)
Economy (doing what you love, earning a decent living, having a thriving Treasury*)

Those are three of the most vital aspects of a free, self-governing system.
“In a healthy society, economy always follows ecology, and education precedes them both.”

There is also Defense and all the various departments of governement. For now, until the government is fully restored, we shall run this re-instatement as a business. We are in the business of self-governing, self-sufficiency, and basic guidelines that everyone or most can agree upon. This is going to be run by using the best of all known and proven methods for survival, sustainable and holistic living and creating a generative way of life.

All of the above falls under the following guideline of “Sustainable Development” according to Huna Kupua, the Kingdom of Hawaii Constitution, Golden Rule, Four Agreements, Law of Amra (Karma) and Common Sense. Ho’o’ponopono shall be used to mediate all disputes along with other agreed upon forms of mediation.

This new system of government shall have a one-person, one-vote system of decision-making on any and all issues at a local, national or international level.

*TREASURY- Kingdom of Hawaii Permanent Fund: There shall be a new monetary system based upon the highly successful Alaska Permenant Fund. However, instead of beging based upon oil or any other form of non-renewable energy or resource. The KIngdom of Hawaii Permanent Fund is based upon sustainable development of human and natural resources in a holistic, pono fashion and way of life.
Pu’uhonua and Ahupua’a are two main themes of ancient Hawaii that were glorious and sustainable. Huna Kupua is the foundation. So is the Kingdom of Hawaii Constitution. Huna Kupua, or Kahuna Magik, was Kapu, “forbidden” for thousands of years. Beginning in late 1998, Kahuna began releasing this ancient, powerful wisdom with the world. They are calling it the Hawaiian Principles.
So, know the following if you want to education yourself or become involved:

Huna Kupua a.k.a. “Hawaiian Principles” or “Kahuna Magik”
Kingdom of Hawaii Constitution – all three or four versions.
Know the Law- call the Kingdom of Hawaii Attorney General’s Office at (808) 967-7179.
US Public Law 103-150
2012 Hawaii State Legislature Resolution

Or log-on to

Kingdom of Hawaii

Kanaka Maoli

Call to Action!

4 “Peaceful Revolution”


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