Huna Kupua Mystery School & Retreat at Kalihiwai Ahupua’a Moku o Kaua’i

Image“Ask and ye shall receive.” -they say. If that is true, then Universe, here is a long and growing list of things and stuff and conditions that I really want to see come to pass…

Love, Global Peace and all that.

Home – Farm – Garden – Mystery School – and Retreat at that Kalihiwai Ridge Estate among the foothills of the majestic, forested mountains of Kauai’s northshore. 

Production Team to create daily and weekly presentations for local and global broadcast… sharing the beauty, mystery, wildness and wisdom of people and nature- from the golden sands of the blue-green ocean to the 4000′ high canyons, streams and waterfalls atop da Island. We showcase the highlights of people and nature so that there may be greater communication and cooperation between people and the Natural World. Creation of DVDs for America’s youth in elementary, high school and colleges is a major priority. So is having regular showings at theaters of the best stuff we’ve produced every few weeks or so.

Mystery School & Retreat- a place and a way of life that cultivates an ever deepening connection to Thee: Life Force, Ke Akua, Allah, Sugmad, Mother-Father God… all names given to the One. This retreat is a sacred place that provides a direct, personal connection to the Source. The purpose is to know and feel that divine love, to feel and know the Source and Self as One and to begin cultivating ever-greater degrees of stilliness, focus, passion and action in the way of exploration and discovery of the world and limitless universes, one moment at a time- forever. Each to his own. Each to to her own. This sacred space and retreat is a place and a way to learn and experience and share the “best of both worlds”, right on the edge of wilderness and society. We blend the best of ancient wisdom with the best of cutting-edge technology to live, work and play in a sustainable, holistic way.

Creator, I want a Hut-to hut trail system and eco-pods that allow residents, staff, students, guests and visitors to explore nature, to experience a broad spectrum of mountains, forest, ocean and stream, people and wildlife.

This Mystery School & Retreat is a place and a way for keiki, ohana, and kupuna to learn and teach Huna Kupua, Kahuna Magick, and the Hawaiian Principles. Here we all have the opportunity to experience the Spirit of Aloha and the paradise of Earth.

This shall be the new center of the world for individual freedom and self-governing honoring the ancients and those who are alive now. Kanaka Maoli and the Mana Huna People have long held a sacred trust with da Aina, long before others came. They are still here. We are still here. This is our home.

Creator, I ask that you engage Na Koa Huna Kupua.

Creator: They are already activated. As you give them attention, they shall grow. It is their Kuliana to carry-out what you are setting forth here now.

Lakota: Aho.

Last but not least, I ask for extra special attention and help and reminders to breathe. So simple, profound and powerful. Whatever way is best Creator, please help me to breathe. And help me to manifest any and all of the above and more that you know is best for each and all and nothing less.

Ke Akua: It shall be done. Enjoy the journey. Remember, the purpose of your existence is joy.

Lakota: Mahalo nui loa Ke Akua.

Ke Akua: Na uka hau’ oli beloved.











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