New Earth Army base on Kaua’i to serve as Global HQ for “Council of Nations”

Colonel, this is “hot off the press” as of last night- posted here only for brief instructional purposes. I’m going to take it down tomorrow. This is a high-level “remote-viewing” training, practice and skills development exercise. More imortantly, this is among the most powerful ways to co-create reality and to glean insight from the unconscious or super-conscious Self and Source.

After tomorrow, an mp3 will be in its place available for $150 which will include a preliminary track that gets folks prepared before “lift-off”. So, get it while it’s FREE!

As you know, this kinda stuff was never available to the public before, “Eyes-Only” under penalty of death. I can see why.

I’m shocked the Cmdr.-in-Chief is requesting its immediate release.

I recommend accessing this right away and downloading it using some YouTube downloader or just let it fully buffer and listen to it in its entirety.

A wild, wild ride.

Your feedback was invaluable on the Gaia Chakra Illumination Meditation, which is and shall remain available for free. Feedback on this new one, however, is mission critical…

Mequon Meditation– a from of “remote-viewing” training and a way to explore, fly within, understand and co-create from the halls and doors of the subconscious, yet in the waking state.

Standing by.

Capt. David Lakota
N.E.A. base cmdr. Moku o Kaua’i
“…the island that was never conquered!”

PS. Establishing a base there as we speak atop the mountain with the help of National Geographic. A secret, or sacred “Kapu” base (HQ) is being readied in the area of the Kalihiwai Mountains. I’ll keep you posted. Cav out.

This “Paradise” outpost shall serve many functions. One of them is council chambers for world leaders, a center for the new United Nations of the world yet without the strangle-hold and manipulation of Banks, politicians, or the M.I.E (military industrial establishment).

The rest of the time, or at least one day per week, this New Earth Army base is a 21st century Farm – Garden – Mystery School – and Spiritual Retreat. This is also a Movie-set and documentary production marketing center for local and global education on sustainable living and development of human and natural resources in a holistic, pono way that is generative instead of de-generative.

The Kalihiwai base and its outposts around Kauai are intended to be first and foremost centers of enlightenment to experience the joy and connection to Spirit Nature Self and Others.

This is a Mystery School for learning ancient and modern arts of Meditation, Intuition, Creative Visualization, and how to fly and manifest any reality.

More important is service to the Earth that is conducted here both in profound and practical ways. These include Huna Kupua and how to Garden, especially the ancient way of Ahupua’a. Then there is Outdoor and Wilderness Education for all ages along with Hawaiian Language, Culture and cutting-edge multi-media production capabilities.

This is your preliminary invitation.

Below is a corresponding graphic to aid in further development of creating a Merkaba, a Light-Spirit-Body or just “Light Body”.

work in progress to show elements, aspects and attributes of the Human Energy System
Human Chakra System chart (in part)… a work in progress to show elements, aspects and attributes of the Human Energy System


Kingdom of Hawaii Kanaka Maoli Call to Action! 4 “Peaceful Revolution”


This is a communications hub for the Kingdom of Hawaii. Please check back often for inspirational updates and valuable links to key individuals in government and the private sector for self-governing and sustainable living.

Communications Office # (808) 339-0692
Attorney General’s Office: (808) 967-7179

Ke Akua, I ask that King Dayne and the Prime Minister unite!
Prime MInister and King Dayne unite!


Reinstated Hawaiian Government

This is the Kanaka Maoli “Flag of the People”, a banner of unification and solidarity.


Below is updated information regarding the formal re-instatement of the Hawaiian Nation including the Polynesian Kingdom of Ato’oi, Moku o Kaua’i, “the island that was never conquered”.


This office serves Na Kanaka Maoli and supports their re-instatement at any and all heads of government that they see fit including the restoration and activation of the Kingdom of Hawaii Consitution. “Ua Mau Ke Ea o Ka Aina i Ka Pono!” The Freedom, the Life of the Land is preserved in righteousness!”


Hawaii Marshall

What does that mean? In part it means that the Kingdom of Hawaii is now free of its oppressors… free from US Occupation according to United States Congressional Law 103-150 and many others. Hawaii is and has been and shall remain free in the way of International Law.

As of January 1st, 2012, with the planting of the People’s Flag atop Mauna Kea, it was proclaimed by Kawika Kala’kau’a, representing both the United States of America and the Kingdom of Hawai’i, that the formal re-instatement of the Kingdom of Hawaii is official according to Ke Akua.

The United States occupation has ended. Now the Kanaka Maoli are in charge and hereby called to action and office. Occupy ‘I’olani Palace according to the Kingdom of Hawaii Constitution.
You have a King and two banners of sovereignty until the people choose a new one. You have a Lawful Hawaiian Government complete with its Executive, Legistlative and Executive Branches. You have highly trained, dedicated and fiercely capable Kanaka Maoli and Kingdom of Hawaii militia known as Na Koa Huna Kupua.

This is a call to action by and for the People of Hawaii, Kanaka Maoli, Hawaiian Nationals, and those who were born here. This is also a call to those who know and love Hawaii and love freedom even more. This is a call to all former and active duty US Marines and intelligence officers and field agents still loyal to the US Constitution.

The formal actvation of the KIngdom of Hawaii is underway and legally backed by both international and US Congressional Law.

Now the challenge is a peaceful transition from old management to new management including restoration of the Kingdom of Hawaii Constitution and the Ahupua’a of each island. There shall be a Pu’uhonua in each district, in each Ahupua’a on each Moku.

Contact the Kingdom of Hawaii Attorney General’s Office for information on the Law and how to formally become a Kingdom of Hawaii citizen. The Kingdom of Hawaii Attorney General’s Office is one place in all of Hawaii that you can rely upon to be unbiased in the way of which of the many advocates of sovereignty there are amidst all of the islands.

Local, State, National and International Law support and protect the fact that Hawaii was and is its own nation. “It is up to the people to be self-governing.” United States Public Law 103-150 as well as unanimous decision by Legistators of the State of Hawaii uphold the right of KIngdom of Hawaiian citizens (Kanaka Maoli, Nationals, and those born here) as being “free of police harassment” and no longer under the jurisdiction of the United States.

Imagine what that means for the Spirit of Aloha and the ability of the people to reconnect with the Aina, with the Amakua, and with Ke Akua?
Oppression often leads to unconsciousness.

Now it is time to wake-up. We have a nation and a constitution, a palace and a Kingdom to restore.
Education (learning, doing, teaching)
Ecology (Nature, People and Agriculture)
Economy (doing what you love, earning a decent living, having a thriving Treasury*)

Those are three of the most vital aspects of a free, self-governing system.
“In a healthy society, economy always follows ecology, and education precedes them both.”

There is also Defense and all the various departments of governement. For now, until the government is fully restored, we shall run this re-instatement as a business. We are in the business of self-governing, self-sufficiency, and basic guidelines that everyone or most can agree upon. This is going to be run by using the best of all known and proven methods for survival, sustainable and holistic living and creating a generative way of life.

All of the above falls under the following guideline of “Sustainable Development” according to Huna Kupua, the Kingdom of Hawaii Constitution, Golden Rule, Four Agreements, Law of Amra (Karma) and Common Sense. Ho’o’ponopono shall be used to mediate all disputes along with other agreed upon forms of mediation.

This new system of government shall have a one-person, one-vote system of decision-making on any and all issues at a local, national or international level.

*TREASURY- Kingdom of Hawaii Permanent Fund: There shall be a new monetary system based upon the highly successful Alaska Permenant Fund. However, instead of beging based upon oil or any other form of non-renewable energy or resource. The KIngdom of Hawaii Permanent Fund is based upon sustainable development of human and natural resources in a holistic, pono fashion and way of life.
Pu’uhonua and Ahupua’a are two main themes of ancient Hawaii that were glorious and sustainable. Huna Kupua is the foundation. So is the Kingdom of Hawaii Constitution. Huna Kupua, or Kahuna Magik, was Kapu, “forbidden” for thousands of years. Beginning in late 1998, Kahuna began releasing this ancient, powerful wisdom with the world. They are calling it the Hawaiian Principles.
So, know the following if you want to education yourself or become involved:

Huna Kupua a.k.a. “Hawaiian Principles” or “Kahuna Magik”
Kingdom of Hawaii Constitution – all three or four versions.
Know the Law- call the Kingdom of Hawaii Attorney General’s Office at (808) 967-7179.
US Public Law 103-150
2012 Hawaii State Legislature Resolution

Or log-on to

Kingdom of Hawaii

Kanaka Maoli

Call to Action!

4 “Peaceful Revolution”

Huna Kupua Mystery School & Retreat at Kalihiwai Ahupua’a Moku o Kaua’i

Image“Ask and ye shall receive.” -they say. If that is true, then Universe, here is a long and growing list of things and stuff and conditions that I really want to see come to pass…

Love, Global Peace and all that.

Home – Farm – Garden – Mystery School – and Retreat at that Kalihiwai Ridge Estate among the foothills of the majestic, forested mountains of Kauai’s northshore. 

Production Team to create daily and weekly presentations for local and global broadcast… sharing the beauty, mystery, wildness and wisdom of people and nature- from the golden sands of the blue-green ocean to the 4000′ high canyons, streams and waterfalls atop da Island. We showcase the highlights of people and nature so that there may be greater communication and cooperation between people and the Natural World. Creation of DVDs for America’s youth in elementary, high school and colleges is a major priority. So is having regular showings at theaters of the best stuff we’ve produced every few weeks or so.

Mystery School & Retreat- a place and a way of life that cultivates an ever deepening connection to Thee: Life Force, Ke Akua, Allah, Sugmad, Mother-Father God… all names given to the One. This retreat is a sacred place that provides a direct, personal connection to the Source. The purpose is to know and feel that divine love, to feel and know the Source and Self as One and to begin cultivating ever-greater degrees of stilliness, focus, passion and action in the way of exploration and discovery of the world and limitless universes, one moment at a time- forever. Each to his own. Each to to her own. This sacred space and retreat is a place and a way to learn and experience and share the “best of both worlds”, right on the edge of wilderness and society. We blend the best of ancient wisdom with the best of cutting-edge technology to live, work and play in a sustainable, holistic way.

Creator, I want a Hut-to hut trail system and eco-pods that allow residents, staff, students, guests and visitors to explore nature, to experience a broad spectrum of mountains, forest, ocean and stream, people and wildlife.

This Mystery School & Retreat is a place and a way for keiki, ohana, and kupuna to learn and teach Huna Kupua, Kahuna Magick, and the Hawaiian Principles. Here we all have the opportunity to experience the Spirit of Aloha and the paradise of Earth.

This shall be the new center of the world for individual freedom and self-governing honoring the ancients and those who are alive now. Kanaka Maoli and the Mana Huna People have long held a sacred trust with da Aina, long before others came. They are still here. We are still here. This is our home.

Creator, I ask that you engage Na Koa Huna Kupua.

Creator: They are already activated. As you give them attention, they shall grow. It is their Kuliana to carry-out what you are setting forth here now.

Lakota: Aho.

Last but not least, I ask for extra special attention and help and reminders to breathe. So simple, profound and powerful. Whatever way is best Creator, please help me to breathe. And help me to manifest any and all of the above and more that you know is best for each and all and nothing less.

Ke Akua: It shall be done. Enjoy the journey. Remember, the purpose of your existence is joy.

Lakota: Mahalo nui loa Ke Akua.

Ke Akua: Na uka hau’ oli beloved.










New Earth Army base on Kaua’i / filming of Nat’l Geographic “Doomsday Preppers”

The following is a final statement of intent by Captain David Lakota of the New Earth Army for his role as base commander for the island of Kaua’i. This is also for the arrival of a film crew from National Geographic to film a bug-out from Kalalau Valley to the 4000′ high plateau on top of the Island. Here we will explore and discover forest, rivers, valleys and canyons of Kokee State Park.

This is where the Executive Producer Allan wants to begin filming the building of a New Earth Army base. It is still a new and wild mystery to me how all of this will tie together cohesively in a 20 minute segement on national television, but I do know the process is invaluable. The subject matter is among the most important of our time.

Following that is an ongoing record of communication and correspondence between several of those involved with both the National Geographic production “Doomsday Preppers” and the building of a New Earth Army base in Kauai.

These postings are intended to streamline communication between representatives from Sharp Entertainment who are producing this National Geographic presentation. The major theme for this episode is educational in the way of pending “Earth Changes” via a pole shift and/or a Tsunami.

These postings are personal and private yet openly shared as a way to greatly enhance quality and depth of communication. We are story-building here simultaneously as shooting from the hip. However, the core of what we are presenting is solidly researched and implemented over a period of 20 years in Alaska and 13 years in Hawaii.

Participating in any form of National Geographic episode is both a lifetime achievement in wilderness documentary production and an unprecedente opportunity to make a difference in the world through hands-on practical education.

“Nature is the best teacher.” so that is part of the intention here… to deliver NATURE to the people. Most will never see Hawaii or Kalalau Valley, but we can bring it to them. Combined with a message of intention for stewardship of such a precious place, along with a reminder that everyone’s back door is a step into nature and the spirit world for that matter. Doomsday Preparation, to me, is very natural and important part of everyday life when you are living close to Nature. Yet I feel in even more danger when I am in civilization.

So, both in society and wilderness, this subject is important. Our endeavoring to produce something of quality on the subject is noble and an excellent source of long-term great karma.

This production deserves a ten-percent seriousness factor. The rest is for fun and play and entertainment. The two together are a magick formula… “90% fun + 10% preparation or structure = 1000% serendipity”

I want to include at least brief clips of all the major threats here: hurricane, earthquake or other human or natural disaster such as one of the food barges not making it. Or martial law, government shut-down or anything else that interrupts the flow.

My intention for being involved with this is mostly intuitive. Logically and morally, I do not want to influence an increase of traffic to Hawaii and especially its sacred places like Kalalau. The whole island of Kauai is to me a sacred gem of creation. It is the gem of Hawaii. Ninety percent undeveloped and a lot of the development has character and history. The indigenous people there are warrior spirits and full of the Spirit of Aloha. Kaua’i is the home of Kanaka Maoli and the Mana Huna People along with many other wild and eccentric individuals from all over the world who live in Kauai because they and it are special.

Therefore, I pray to Ke Akua… I humbly request Creator that this production and all the staff and crew be guided in a holistic way- body, mind, heart and soul so that the final presentation and the production process are educational, enlightening and a source of inspiration for life in paradise… honoring the Earth in all her glory. I ask that you help me to give the very best presentation on the most important and practical of subjects and influences. Survival and Sustainable Living are key. So is enlightenment and co-creating a “Generative Way of Life”. I ask for your guidance, support and direction and protection dearest One, for myself and all those involved. May everyone have fun, be alert and not get hurt. May the finished production reach mlllions in the way of quality entertainment and education on a most integral subject of our times and for all of history… Earth Changes and a quantum awakening of human consciousness, enjoyment and connection to thee. Whatever of this serves the highest good Life Force, make it so. Aho. Hoka-hey.

Ke Akua: It shall be so David. I promise.



Letter to Brian at Sharp Entertainment re: ideas and themes for show

Aloha Brian,

Mahalos for the update and details.

Below are some notes and ideas for the show as well as some updates on this end and in Kaua’i.

Color Code:
RED– major themes to include in show
Light red– secondary themes
Green– Key players and organizations
Purple– Sharp Entertainment and National Geographic ideas and objectives
I have made contact with both Jonathan Laine on Kaua’i and Ltc. Jim Channon, 30 yr. commander of the New Earth Army. The Colonel has formally and officially delegated me as the New Earth Army base commander on Kaua’i. This is both a mythological position and a real one that deserves to be given attention, resources and a team of people.Doing a shoot there with this theme in mind is something that can launch into a long-term base that serves as a local and global catalyst for disaster preparation, emergency response and humanitarian aide. The two keys are education and entertainment combined with an additional factor of “Inspiration”.

So, that is one of my contributions to the Show. My job is to not only educate and entertain but to inspire.One of the best ways that this may be done is to serve as a sort of bridge between people and nature. Nature is among the very best and most sustainable sources of entertainment, education and inspiration. The beauty alone does it. So does the vastness and the wildness and the mystery. So those are five major themes to make sure to include in the Show: Vastness, Mystery, Beauty, Grandeur and Vastness. The visual and prospect of wilderness adventure is a source of inspiration to many. In fact it was National Geographic films and Magazine that contributed greatly to my spending my entire life as a remote wilderness documentary filmmaker, producer and educator.

Humor is key and serves as a golden thread throughout. A professor at Stanford University said, “Retention is 800 times greater when humor is used.” So, we will be wise to make this show funny!

Survival and Sustainable Living are priorities for more and more people- even those who are not of a “Doomsday Preparation” mindset. They are realizing it is practical and important.

So, for ratings, and for karma, education and entertainment, I feel it is vitally and integrally important to showcase the most simplistic and do-able aspects of Basic Survival. This is one of the major keys to this production being successful.

Basic Survival Elements– in order of priority (depending upon location and conditions)
  1. Calm
  2. Shelter
  3. Warmth
  4. Water
  5. Food
  6. Activity
  7. Companionship
Then we have wilderness travel, orienteering, mountain climbing, cliff and rock climbing, crossing streams (especially if flooded), and encountering dangerous wild animals. The wild Hawaii boar is to me as dangerous or more so than meeting a black bear or brown bear in Alaska. So, footage of a wild boar and/or hunting wild boar is a major form of entertainment and a practical aspect of basic survival.
If I contribute nothing else, I know this will be enough. If you want to make it more elaborate, keep reading and/or send me more of your ideas.
The above alone is enough for an hour-long special. So, anything more than that is probably touched-on only briefly with availability for some type of follow-up, a part two or something. Allen mentioned creating something now and building upon it somehow. His vision of that is really key to going beyond mere survival to something epic and inspirational. If he does not have the time or interest in building upon that, we have enough to work with. If he does have the time and enthusiasm to give that theme attention, I am very eager and excited to discover what that is and how I can contribute to it. For now it is enough that he has planted the seed. It re-kindled the sense of duty and mission that I had last year for something similar, and it is awakening something powerful and mysterious in me now.The New Earth Army represents something even more profound than its purpose reveals. The purpose is “uniting the world’s militaries toward service to the planet.” -according to its founder and current commander. The mission of the New Earth Army used to be four hearty paragraphs, a major condensation of many, many years in both the corporate world and military life of the highly creative and visionary Colonel.

However, at my prompting, and it wasn’t easy, he informed me one day and announced to the world that the New Earth Army now has one simple mission: “Paradise”.
Ironically and serendipitously, this just happens to be the main mission of the very mission oriented native Hawaiian who was most influential in educating me about the Kingdom of Hawaii. So the Kingdom of Hawaii and the New Earth Army share the same mission as I had previously decided upon for myself.
“Paradise!” is a MAJOR theme for this upcoming show. Paradise, not just beauty and nature and wildness, but true paradise, Hawaii’s finest, Kaua’i, is a GREAT source of inspiration for the viewing audience.
But this inspiration for paradise is also an invitation to paradise in a place that is already bursting at the seams of too many people. National Geographic, Sharp Entertainment, the New Earth Army and I each and all have a very fundamental responsibility to ENSURE that this influence serves as a source of inspiration to contribute to paradise rather than merely take from it.
Silently or on screen we have the ability and therefore the responsibility to contribute to the well-being of the people and place we are about to visit.  This will be among my highest priorities- even more than ratings.
The notion and reality of paradise is also a form of mystery. That deserves to be explored.
The Kingdom of Hawaii, in my mind, is a vital aspect of all of this, but you and the producers may decide to leave it out completely. If it is going to be mentioned then doing so ever so consciously and conscientiously can have a major impact upon Hawaii and the world.Along with and imminent pole shift and other human and natural disasters of Earth Changes: Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions, power outages, interruption in communication and food shortages there is the equal or greater threat of government shut-down, martial law, or all-out anarchy. All of these elements are important to me to mention or show in the production. Even 1-3 blips of each is a very stimulating, entertaining and educational influence. The inspiration may come from emphasizing these elements for the purpose of provoking people into consciousness and ACTION!

One major difference between all of the episodes of “Doomsday Preppers” that I have seen so far and the scenario that we have ahead of us in Kaua’i, is that the way of life in Kaua’i, to a large enough degree, is beyond what any of the characters I saw portray. They were all prepping, waiting, practicing for something that may or may not come.
The way of life on Kaua’i, especially Kalalau Valley, is such that real-life application of survival and doomsday preparation is part of everyday life. It’s not just for practice or pretend. It’s happening for real.
In the last 40 years, Kaua’i was devastated three times by major hurricanes. Hurricane Iniki was the biggest in Hawai’i’s history.
The way of life in Kalalau is not only off-the-grid as many are in Hawaii full-time. Life is Kalalau is completely detached at times from civilization. It’s an eleven mile, dangerous gruelling hike to get in and out of there. The current and trade winds prevent people from kayaking back and forth. The giant surf all winter long prevents people from landing there- either by kayak or swimming in. It’s a dangerous, wild place.
So, in conclusion for now, the aspect of the New Earth Army that is just as important or more to me than it’s purpose or mission is similar to the final words of Ewan McGregor, (Obi-wan Kanobi from Star Wars) at the end of the movie about the New Earth Army by George Clooney and Jeff Bridges.If you have not seen the movie and you do not intend to see the movie, then we have little or no business discussing the New Earth Army now or in the upcoming show.

If you have seen the movie, it is important to see it again. I must do the same. Rachaelle has not seen it either.
Three times I watched it to understand why four of the biggest names in Hollywood (Jeff Bridges, George Clooney, Ewan McGregor, and Kevin Spacey, who are very particular about what they star in or produce, decided to create the “Men Who Stare at Goats” movie.
There are two lines at the end of the movie spoken by Ewan McGregor, that in part, answer this question. One of the answers is “Now more than ever we need the Jedi!” It’s like a plea for help or a call to action from the masses.
We can and it will be wise for Doomsday Preppers do include in the episode we are producing the phemonenon of theWay of the Jedi. There is also the  Way of the Shaman. These are two of the most important aspects of Survival and Doomsday Preparation.
Whew! That’s all for now.
In the next email, I will respond more directly to some of the questions and info you gave me.
Until then.
Captain Lakota

September 14th:

The following is my response to Melanie LeMay.

Mahalos for the response and number. I’ll pass it on to a guy named Brian with Sharp Entertainment. The Executive Producer’s name is Allen. The name of the show is “Doomsday Preppers” and they are producing their second season. I’ve watched a few of them and they are alright. I know we can do better. One reason is that we are more about doing it for real, now rather than waiting, and we are in Hawaii! They are stoked to be coming to Hawaii.

If you call or text me your email I will send you their schedule and other details. For now they are flyin-in on the 30th. Scouting Day 1. Filming on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Twelve hours each day. A few of us are going to look like a lot of us, and we are going to be workin and movin and buildin as though we are surviving a major pole-shift with the threat of Tsunami. We will be “heading to the hills” (Kokee State Park) to either build a shelter or move into one to wait out, live-out, the disaster or Earth Changes.
I will pass your number onto Brian. I don’t have it right here so please remind me if you do not receive it today.
My number is (808) 333-6066. Feel free to call anytime.
David Lakota

PS. Feel free to pass on the above information to at least one person whom you personally feel will be really cool on camera, capable and great to work with… someone who is savvy, willling and/or very experienced in the way of remote living, disaster preparation, etc.
Melanie Lemay wrote:

Aloha David!

Life is good and I’m back on Kauai after my last Burning Man adventure!
I’m interested into the episode. Please be in touch or put me in contact with National Geographic!!

I’m around; talk to you soon brother.



David Lakota wrote:

Headin to Kaua’i on the 27th to do a shoot with National Geographic. They asked me to recruit some people to participate in this episode about a pole shift in the Earth’s axis and a Tsunami hitting Kauai.
If you or someone you know is interested, have them give me a call. I will put them in touch with National Geographic.
how are ya and what is new?