a new surge of inspiration for da Revolution!

This video is a wake-up call and motivator for those 1 in 10 of you that care enough to take action… to really DO something for this world… for yourselves and those you love.

Today begins a new surge in the local and global revolution for freedom and prosperity from oppression and the confines of our own minds.

So begins a major impetus of change for planet earth and Her people. Fewer than one in ten will get this, but that’s okay, cuz it only takes fewer than one in a thousand to really create the change we need.

Why do we need change? Because people are sick and tired and bored and slaves… slaves to the prison of their minds, slaves to the system and slaves to disease, poverty, war, destruction and death.

The alternative? “Heaven on Earth”.. now and in the future.. symbiosis between people, nature and each other. Freedom and Prosperity.. connection to Nature, awareness, communication connection between Self and Source.

Malama o ke Aina… “Caring for the Land”

Enough money and motivation to travel, be at home, garden, farm, be creative, express freely and frequently and above all… “cultivating an ever deepening connection to self and source… though the heart, mind, soul, money and intuition… mostly by just being and enjoying.

The following video helps. Even if you have already seen it, I say, “Please watch it and respond.if u are indeed “one in a thousand” or fewer.

Next comes practical ways to express genius, beauty, wildness, mystery.

Education – Money – Agriculture