Practical Application of Curriculum & Syllabus

Explore, Discover and Share the beauty, mystery, wildness and wisdom of the world- Nature and People- at home and abroad.

Live, work and play in a simple, holistic, sustainable way.

One way that this may be done here now is to engage any or all of the following activities, services, adventures and production.

We are going to climb coconut trees, trim the fronds, free the tree of rotting debris, then harvest the coconuts relieving the burden of hundreds of pounds of weight. Then we drink of the coconut water and eat of the meat in order to quench thirst and nourish the body- making it strong and flexible like the tree- reaching up to the heavens, deep down into the Earth, growing in all directions and bearing fruit to benefit others and just because you can.

Next we beautify the ground below and around the tree- making the area more livable and breathable.

Then we go jump into the ocean… tide pools where the water is warm and clear, colorful fish swimming in and out of the brilliant coral. Feel the relaxing motion of swimming and floating and moving and gliding.

Commune with the Honu, the giant Sea Turtle… feel her love and ancient passion.

Warm and dry in the sun, fresh, fragrant trade wind breeze, and the swaying of coconut and palm trees.

Then we are called to be of service. Someone somewhere has an ache or a pain or a feeling of despair, loneliness, doubt or confusion. We tune-in to what is best to do next. Then we do it. We look around us and help those in need or we travel to them wherever they are in the world without hesitation no matter the distance. If it is  too far and no cash then we go to them in the  theater of our mind where we are infinitely more capable of healing and creativity, building, growing and changing.

We provide healing arts for people in the way of Katsu Bodywork, Assist Counseling (really listening and empathizing) and Absent Healing- being able to heal at a distance.

Before and after healing arts and before, during and after adventure we engage in some martial arts. Ten percent or less of this is for self-defense and the inevitable likelihood of someday being attacked. But you are ready because you trained and the training was fun.

Then comes Multimedia Production- the ability to document and film, edit and broadcast the highlights of your journey… the lessons, the experiences.

Daily we shoot, edit and upload videos to the worldwide web. Every or week we crank out a new DVD that may be viewed on the Big Screen, in classrooms, and on the worldwide web. Production also includes basic and advanced writing, photography, graphic arts, animation, virtual reality, interviews and a whole lot mor.

Last but not least is the seemly illusive stalking of the Great Mystery and the esoterics.


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