Cape Kumukahi re: “Formal Restoration of the Hawaiian Kingdom”

Cape Kumukahi is in disrepair.

Recently, lava flow cut-off access to the Cape and the Lighthouse causing even less opportunity to provide necessary repairs and upgrades.

This is the easternmost point of all the Hawaiian Islands and represents far more than just an imoportant lighthouse. The story of Kumukahi and his brave standing his ground during the lava flow that took out the town of Kapoho many years ago.

This time the lava stopped just shy of the area again. The land is sacred, powerful, beautiful and amazing!

Our mission is “Paradise”- exploring, discovering and sharing the beauty, wisdom and wildness of people and nature.

Alaska and Hawaii are two of the most prominent places on Earth to achieve this.

The process and discovery of Paradise in and around the world via epic Adventure has led to the realization of an ever greater adventure… Into the limitless realms of human inner nature.

Meditation and a few other specific forms of activities are powerful catalysts for experiencing these realms, documenting the highlights and sharing the discoveries with the local and global audience- staff, students and people from all walks of life.

MISSION: Paradise is a weekly series featuring the making of a movie- actually the unofficial sequel to one of George Clooneys more unusual movies, the “Men Who Stare at Goats“.

Call to Ke Akua and Wakea

Aloha Ke Akua

Aloha nui loa Ke Akua…

Yata-hey. Mahalo nui loa for this day and this gift of life… and I pray… Guide the way. Direct us and protect us. Show me how to co-create with you in such a way that is mutual beneficial for the Kingdom. The Kingdom of Heaven. the Kingdom of Conscience and the Kingdom of Hawaii are all outlets and forms of expression of the Divine… inside and all around.

Hawaii on Earth transparent

I love you Creator Ke Akua and all your creation. Co-create with me. I open mind and heart to you. .My soul, body, mind, heart and Being, all of my resources and essence I give up and in to you and Self. Both as One and honoring our Individuality. For the sake of all aspects of Nature, You and I this grand request and offering is being made from me to you.

What say you?

Ke Akua. “Yes.”

Kawika: “What else?”

Ke Akua: “What else do you want?”

Kawika: “I want you.”

Ke Akua: “You know how to get me.”

Kawika: “Hmmm… I wonder. Ah, yes, the Golden Rule, Way of the Shaman 101: “Give that which you seek. As you give you shall receive.”

Ke Akua: “There is a third aspect to the Golden Rule and all things physical- “As you receive… give.” That is the ancient Law of Amra that you refer to as the Golden Rule. It is indeed a golden rule… One that the Elite use. “He ¬†who has the gold rules. By applying the Golden Rule the Human Family may be free of the Wheel of 86”

Kawika: “What is the wheel of 86?

Ke Akua: Karma. “What goes around comes around.”

Prime Minister Henry Noa Proclammation for Hawaiian Kingdom Re: Mauna Kea

Prime Minister Henry Noa Proclammation for Hawaiian Kingdom Re: Mauna Kea

CLICK HERE for viewable, printing, signed document of Hawaiian Kingdom Announcement for Protection of Mauna Kea, Cultural and Public Rights and Sustaining and Restoration the Hawaiian Nation, the Kingdom of Hawaii.

[Or click on the following link for the same .pdr document.]

Mauna Kea Vigil letter from the Prime Minister

Ke Akua, I ask that King Dayne and the Prime Minister unite!
Prime MInister and King Dayne unite!

Mauna Kea Vigil letter from the Prime Minister